CoasterBuzz Podcast #51 posted

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Jeff, Catherine, Greg and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The crew welcomes Catherine Cortright to the show. Recorded from Cedar Point's Lighthouse Point on the day of BooBuzz.
  • Wha-what? Chocolate.
  • Holiday World auctions off lots of old stuff. Dudes want a urinal in their house.
  • LucasArts called, they wanted Jeff to check out the new coaster game.
  • Busch raises money for their conservation efforts. We like Busch, and we think they're good people. Cath says animal lovers are all over the place on the issue.
  • Skimming money off the top from the Busch Europe stroller rental. Stupid criminals.
  • Better food at amusement parks? Give Pat and Greg any kind of crap on a stick.
  • The Six Flags dress code and behaviour policy. Yeah, that'll last.
  • CoasterBuzz isn't about booting people. It's not about Jeff either.
  • There are so many cool aquariums in the U.S., and the Georgia facility did 3 million people in their first year.
  • Which podcasts have been most listened to?
  • Catherine explains why population control via the males (in reference to last week's story about the Animal Kingdom vet going to do elephant vasectomies) is all wrong.

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