CoasterBuzz Podcast #4 posted

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Jeff, Rob and Mike review a busy week of news in the amusement industry.

  • Six Flags starts to court suitors for its auction, but Dan Snyder isn't among them.
  • Local officials around Luna Park head off legal trouble for the park regarding noise complaints. Finally, supporting a vital local business.
  • Paramount's Kings Dominion announces Italian Job Stunt Coaster. The trend toward quality family attractions continues.
  • Michigan's Adventure finally settles dispute with local government to get city water service to the park. What's next? Campground and resort facilities? A year-round indoor water park and hotel?
  • Cedar Point's White Water Landing is just days away from its demise. The classic ride will be missed.
  • Faulty brakes are cited in the California Screamin' accident at Disney's California Adventure. Chalk this one up to "stuff happens?"

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