CoasterBuzz Podcast #36 posted

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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Where has the CoasterBuzz Podcast been?
  • Kids injured on Six Flags Great America's Tornado slide. Rider behavior issue? We suspect it is.
  • Marriage on a roller coaster.
  • Columbus Zoo scores Wyandot Lake stuff.
  • Disney sued over Mission: Space death.
  • Cedar Fair's public offering.
  • The Gravity Group is on the up and up. Good for them!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Now with more Depp!
  • Cedar Fair and Paramount Parks show us the money.
  • What time is it right now at Indiana Beach?
  • Zippin Pippin saved from certain death, but now what?
  • Alternative parking against the Six Flags parking machine.
  • Six Flags stock tanks when Shapiro gets honest. Wall Street is over-reacting.

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