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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Disney closes deal to buy Pixar, Steve Jobs owns 7% of Disney.
  • Six Flags teams up with Home Depot. Pat says it's another way of getting the brand in front of people.
  • Six Flags revenue down for quarter, per capita spending up. We told you so.
  • Minor fireworks accident at Universal Orlando. Kind of scary.
  • Two new indoor water park resorts coming to Chicago. What does that mean for the Dells?
  • Disney profit up on TV shows and strong theme park performance. Sure is a turn around from the post-9/11 decline.
  • Track for Cedar Point's 2007 coaster is already there, and everyone has seen it. The hype for CP rides is ridiculous.
  • Six Flags Astroworld site sells for $77 million. Was the sale a good idea?
  • Goliath opens at La Ronde.
  • BeastBuzz is coming up at Paramount's Kings Island on June 17. Sign up today!

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