CoasterBuzz Podcast #32 posted

Posted Tuesday, May 16, 2006 11:07 PM | Contributed by Jeff

Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Disney closes deal to buy Pixar, Steve Jobs owns 7% of Disney.
  • Six Flags teams up with Home Depot. Pat says it's another way of getting the brand in front of people.
  • Six Flags revenue down for quarter, per capita spending up. We told you so.
  • Minor fireworks accident at Universal Orlando. Kind of scary.
  • Two new indoor water park resorts coming to Chicago. What does that mean for the Dells?
  • Disney profit up on TV shows and strong theme park performance. Sure is a turn around from the post-9/11 decline.
  • Track for Cedar Point's 2007 coaster is already there, and everyone has seen it. The hype for CP rides is ridiculous.
  • Six Flags Astroworld site sells for $77 million. Was the sale a good idea?
  • Goliath opens at La Ronde.
  • BeastBuzz is coming up at Paramount's Kings Island on June 17. Sign up today!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 11:39 PM
Interesting comments on Cedar Point...Enthusiasts have gotten over the biggest, tallest, fastest, most loopiest, smelliest...

Well, I'd say that eliminates the idea of the inversion record like I thought. Who knows?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:26 AM
My review on Goliath wasn't very clear I guess. I'm sorry for that... I'll try to rephrase it.

Imagine Nitro and remove all the fun stuff about it. No helix, twisted 2nd drop and not even an hammerhead turn. Its just a very simple hyper coaster that consists of a bunch of hills that don't deliver.

Thursday, May 18, 2006 12:30 AM
"This is apparently the 'where has Gonch lived' podcast."

lol, I was rolling on the floor with that one.

Thursday, May 18, 2006 12:45 AM
Having listened to more of the podcast now, I've determined that this is the funniest one yet. I'm cracking up and my brother's in the other room asking me what's so funny. I'm a little afraid to say that it's a roller coaster podcast that's got me so giddy. Keep up the great work Jeff and Pat.
Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:46 AM
Lord Gonchar's avatar Glad you enjoyed. That's great to hear. :)
Thursday, May 18, 2006 9:14 AM
Jeff's avatar We're funny? I thought this one kinda sucked!

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