CoasterBuzz Podcast #31 posted

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Jeff, Mike and Greg review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Not a single mention of Six Flags this episode!
  • Mason considers taxing Paramount's Kings Island admission. Biting the hand that feeds?
  • Cedar Fair revenue down in first quarter, in part because of soft occupancy at Castaway Bay.
  • More borrowing drama for Conneaut Lake. They can't keep borrowing forever.
  • Big S&S swings open at Cedar Point and Kennywood. Much better rides than we thought!
  • We tried HD video from Cedar Point's media day, and passed 59 gigs of data through our server in one day!
  • Motionless Mission: Space. What's the point?
  • Kentucky TV station loses defamation suit. You have to be pretty stupid to get into that situation.
  • The Voyage opens at Holiday World. Haven't found anyone say anything bad about it yet.
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  • BeastBuzz is coming up at Paramount's Kings Island on June 17. Sign up today!

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