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Jeff, Gonch, Mike and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • The Fall Affair, this Saturday at Holiday World. On-site registration will be $45, or $20 if you have a ticket or season pass. It looks like we've got 100 people so far.
  • Gunmen rob Six Flags Discovery Kingdom workers. How do you get away with that given the closed nature of the park?
  • Former employees of Freestyle Music Park get in line for unpaid compensation.
  • Geauga Lake Big Dipper drama continues... to be silly. Anonymous seller now says it's doomed for the wrecking ball if it isn't bought by September 15.
  • Six Flags continues to flesh out its executive team with a new CEO and chief lawyer.
  • Ticket, parking and food pricing: What's the magic formula? Jeff and Gonch prefer the front-loading approach, with higher pass/ticket prices. Mike says Six Flags would likely alienate much of their audience that way. What would Holiday World do?
  • SeaWorld loses an Orca. Apparently no one here cares.
  • Dreamworld teases their new tower car, and the panel fails to watch it. They suck.
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg also teases. Gonch watched that one and thought it was like a Japanese monster movie.
  • Cedar Fair reports rise in attendance and revenue, per cap overall is down a little. Jeff's tired of $12 subs. We ask again, is the recession on the upside?
  • Waldameer also has a good year, will build more rides. And charm.
  • Six Flags Over Texas Under Water. Gonch watched that one too.
  • Retired Kennywood worker's funeral procession rolls through park. Carrie points out that most people probably would not want to visit their place of work postmortem.
  • Disney's California Adventure rehab continues. Mike says it'll be nice when the construction is done.
  • Kentucky Kingdom comeback looking more likely. If it happens, what might the impact on Holiday World be?
  • New park for Spain with a Paramount Pictures theme. One of our Brit friends says it's in an area not exclusively touristy.
  • Carousel horse auction in NYC. Jeff "finds" PTC 45 at a zoo in Seattle, having been relocated from Great America in Santa Clara, and the Cincinnati Zoo before that.
  • Golden Tickets issued again, few surprises. It's another weird relationship between the industry and the magazine. Holiday World wins big.
  • BooBuzz returns to Cedar Point on Friday, October 15.
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