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Jeff, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Carrie gets first hand exposure to the train wreck that is Conneaut Lake Park. She found a real mess, and almost no visitors. She isn't convinced that there's any vision or plan for the long term. Jeff agrees and believes this is why throwing money at it is not a good plan. See Carrie's pictures from 1974 and 1980, as well as today here and here.
  • Local historical society in Cleveland has plans to resurrect the Euclid Beach carousel, and the plan includes an endowment to keep it running indefinitely. This is preservation done right.
  • Gonch does the sweet behind-the-scenes tour at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and thinks it's worth every penny. He'd even pay more. See his photos here.
  • The top 100 roller coasters are ranked in the CoasterBuzz 100. Jeff talks about how the list is generated.
  • Six people die in an amusement park simulator accident in China, and we know practically nothing about it. A bizarre animation appears from a Chinese news source.
  • Captain Eo comes back to Epcot. Meh.
  • Freestyle Music Park is so poor they can't afford to show up to court.
  • Power outage at Kings Island on July 4 was apparently handled poorly in terms of compensating guests. The culture of non-empowerment comes up again.
  • Jeff kind of disses L.A., but mostly because he's uncertain about infant travel. He'll miss the SoCal parks.
  • Off-topic: Wanting to create scandal in Las Vegas.
  • Yet another ticket scam in Orlando, but this one had an inside job element to it.
  • Orlando theme park discounts: When will it stop, and is it an indication of better economic times?
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