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Jeff, Gonch, Carrie and Richard review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Richard joins us from Orlando, as he begins his conquest to the last two B&M's he has never been on. This is what counting coasters does to you. Oh, and he beat the volcano.
  • Coney Island seeks a revival. Lots of new shiny Zamperla rides coming together at the last minute.
  • Six Flags propped up in the winter by resort at Great Escape. The indoor water park thing is obviously not just a fashion trend.
  • Common carriers: parks are not, as confirmed again by a Florida court. Lawsuits for rides tend to fall into two categories: Something broke and hurt me or I had some condition that I'm going to pin on a non-malfunctioning ride.
  • Dick Kinzel talks finances, Jeff looks forward to the torches and pitchforks at the Cedar Fair annual meeting. Carrie believes the company went a long time without accountability because of the lack of bigger investors.
  • PointBuzz has some fantastic photos and video from Cedar Point's opening day, including video of Shoot The Rapids operating.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando is starting to preview to folks, but the Forbidden Journey ride is still largely a mystery. Richard says the maps and park signage deny any of it even exists, in stark contrast to US marketing on TV.
  • A group wants a new Whalom Park, because it was a swell thing for the community.
  • Kennywood's Sky Rocket is topped off. Carrie is on the fence about a return visit.
  • Taking pictures around kids is weird, and Richard says it's even more weird for folks with his church group. Jeff points out the irony that we have more technology than ever to capture photos, and yet it often feels more restrictive than ever.
  • Rant: Security theater at US airports. It's even worse when you're coming from overseas.
  • Richard says Americans are friendly enough toward foreign tourists, unless it's an American gas, er, petrol pump.
  • Jeff talks briefly about the shiny new hardware that CoasterBuzz is running on, thanks in large part to CoasterBuzz Club members.
  • Jeff posted some photos of Disney's Pop Century Resort in the Day in Pictures forum.
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