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Jeff, Gonch, Carrie and Richard review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Richard joins us from Orlando, as he begins his conquest to the last two B&M's he has never been on. This is what counting coasters does to you. Oh, and he beat the volcano.
  • Coney Island seeks a revival. Lots of new shiny Zamperla rides coming together at the last minute.
  • Six Flags propped up in the winter by resort at Great Escape. The indoor water park thing is obviously not just a fashion trend.
  • Common carriers: parks are not, as confirmed again by a Florida court. Lawsuits for rides tend to fall into two categories: Something broke and hurt me or I had some condition that I'm going to pin on a non-malfunctioning ride.
  • Dick Kinzel talks finances, Jeff looks forward to the torches and pitchforks at the Cedar Fair annual meeting. Carrie believes the company went a long time without accountability because of the lack of bigger investors.
  • PointBuzz has some fantastic photos and video from Cedar Point's opening day, including video of Shoot The Rapids operating.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando is starting to preview to folks, but the Forbidden Journey ride is still largely a mystery. Richard says the maps and park signage deny any of it even exists, in stark contrast to US marketing on TV.
  • A group wants a new Whalom Park, because it was a swell thing for the community.
  • Kennywood's Sky Rocket is topped off. Carrie is on the fence about a return visit.
  • Taking pictures around kids is weird, and Richard says it's even more weird for folks with his church group. Jeff points out the irony that we have more technology than ever to capture photos, and yet it often feels more restrictive than ever.
  • Rant: Security theater at US airports. It's even worse when you're coming from overseas.
  • Richard says Americans are friendly enough toward foreign tourists, unless it's an American gas, er, petrol pump.
  • Jeff talks briefly about the shiny new hardware that CoasterBuzz is running on, thanks in large part to CoasterBuzz Club members.
  • Jeff posted some photos of Disney's Pop Century Resort in the Day in Pictures forum.
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As someone who has lived there his entire life, you're right, Toledo doesn't count. :)

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And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

I've parked at Universals garage once and it seemed to me like one of the best garages I've been in.Walk wasn't any longer than mid lot at CP. Maybe it has something to do with the moving walkways. You can even stand in line as you walk to the park!!

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I went with some friends to Universal Hollywood a few years back, and we did the valet parking in the garage. We got out of the car right at the entrance to City Walk, and went on from there. I believe it was $20, and we got a car wash. That, IMO, is a return on investment.

Jeff, a somewhat bizarre question, but why not put the CoasterBuzz Podcast on YouTube for greater circulation and sound quality? Not necessarily suggesting that you personally should do it, but is there any opposition or thoughts about Podcast on YouTube in general?

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Isn't there a 10 minute limit on YouTube?

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Right, it would have to be in segments like many shows do, but given the amount of time you guys put into the Podcast, it just seemed as if it'd be worth the increased viewership.

Better sound quality? For a podcast?

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YouTube? For an AUDIO program?

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A mono 64k MP3 is more than adequate for a podcast. It's probably overkill for that matter. Putting things on YouTube (the wrong thing to do for an audio show) doesn't grant you instant audience.

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With it's current set up, I'm able to download the show to my phone instantly. Which, I do every week.

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Jeff said:
Putting things on YouTube (the wrong thing to do for an audio show) doesn't grant you instant audience.

It does if you include kittens.

A few weeks ago I traveled from Ohio to Alabama for work. We flew out of Akron/Canton airport, which has 11 gates, the smallest airport I have ever flown out of before. Security there required us to remove all of our liquids and place in the a clear plastic bag (1 quart in size I believe). They were so thorough that they confiscated my traveling partner’s shaving gel because it was too big. Very good to see.

A few days later, we're at Huntsville Airport flying to return home. That whole plastic bag rule? Nope. They didn’t care. Huntsville is a larger airport than Akron/Canton too. What’s up with that? Way to be consistent TSA!

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^What's worse...I inadvertently got huge sewing shears though security at the Scranton airport last year! But that's what happens when you wake up late for a flight and shove everything on the dresser in your bag in a mad dash...

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I've flown through CAK a few times, and yes they enforce the normal rules (I'm kind of surprised you weren't already aware of the "3-1-1" rule), but they were always reasonably friendly about it.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

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Jeff said:
I'm kind of surprised you weren't already aware of the "3-1-1" rule

Every time I fly I seem to get stuck behind people with an excess of liquids or creams in their carry-on luggage. Just a month ago, I commented to the screener at Hopkins about it and the screener said it goes on all day everyday. What cave have these people been living in?

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Why isn't anyone complaining about how stupid some of those rules are? They should build a Walmart in the parking lot of every major airport, so that people can immediately go buy the everyday item that they weren''t allowed to take on their flight.

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I'd be happier to hear that items were being donated to charity. But, I assume that it all gets thrown away or destroyed.

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I think the rules are incredibly stupid myself. It's not that you can't have these items, mind you, it's that they have to be crammed into a 1 quart clear plastic bag. So in the story I shared on the podcast, when they threw my little bottle of hand sanitizer away, it wasn't because I wasn't allowed to have it. It was because it wasn't in a clear one quart bag. That's ridiculous.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Are the rules ridiculous? Probably. My sense is that TSA is really more "security theater" than actual security. Their original role seemed to be to provide the illusion that flying was safe to keep the airlines from dying off in a travel-panic. They probably wouldn't stop a competent "evildoer".

I attribute the lack of serious attempts to the fact that most evidoers understand that airplanes can no longer be used as weapons. Passengers on a hijacked plane now know that they are likely to die no matter what happens, and will take down the plane rather than allow it to be used to create more damage. See: United Flight 93.

But, the fact that the rules are probably pointless doesn't absolve you from knowing what they are and following them. So, were lives saved by the destruction of Carrie's sanitizer? No, but if she'd put it in a quart (or smaller) bag first, she'd still have it.

Likewise, there has been solid growth in the market for sample sizes of most toiletries. I never have to buy something at my destination unless I just forgot to pack something. If you really need more of something than the allowable 300ml, put it in checked luggage. I never fly less than 20K airmiles in a year---usually closer to 40-50K---and it's not that hard to get through quickly once you know what you are doing.

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