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Jeff, Mike, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Cedar Fair is shopping for credit because they didn't know what the market was like. Duh!
  • Yet another developer looks at the former Six Flags New Orleans site, and days later says no thank you.
  • Orlando Flex Ticket: A good deal and competitive with Walt Disney World offerings? Do people actually show up and wing it in Orlando? Lazy river sidebar.
  • Cedar Fair keeps threatening to sue Santa Clara over 49ers stadium stuff. Now they're trying to renegotiate the lease.
  • Nickelodeon goes away at Kings Island, Snoopy arrives. Gonch has the perfect description about what that means.
  • Seasonal business aren't sure if the new health care reform law will require companies to offer health insurance to seasonal workers.
  • Smaller parks thrive in down economy, especially those who don't require admission.
  • Off topic: Video game nonsense.
  • More amusement parks covered by Google's street view.
  • A ride injury lawsuit, about a guy who had a stroke weeks after riding, goes to trial. Any bets on whether or not that lawyer has ever seen the inside of a court room?
  • Universal Singapore starts pulling down Battlestar Galactica coaster over a glitch. Go Vekoma!
  • Universal parks down a little in attendance, but up in per capita spending. Probably because every kid who ever went has a Thing 1 onesie or T-shirt. And you can even get them at the Orlando airport!
  • PARC spending lots of money this year.
  • Volcano locks down travelers, Orlando attractions invite them in.
  • Mike has seen the Kiddieland ride first hand at Six Flags Great America, and posted photos in the Day in Pictures forum. Family and kid sized wood coasters rock.
  • Some dudes infiltrate an abandoned island on the Walt Disney World Bay Lake.
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  • Knoebels Flying Turns a labor of love, obviously, because at this point it doesn't make much business sense.
  • Insert love for Zamperla here.
  • Facebook is a little scary.
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