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Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 1:17 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Jeff, Mike, Gonch and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Cedar Fair is shopping for credit because they didn't know what the market was like. Duh!
  • Yet another developer looks at the former Six Flags New Orleans site, and days later says no thank you.
  • Orlando Flex Ticket: A good deal and competitive with Walt Disney World offerings? Do people actually show up and wing it in Orlando? Lazy river sidebar.
  • Cedar Fair keeps threatening to sue Santa Clara over 49ers stadium stuff. Now they're trying to renegotiate the lease.
  • Nickelodeon goes away at Kings Island, Snoopy arrives. Gonch has the perfect description about what that means.
  • Seasonal business aren't sure if the new health care reform law will require companies to offer health insurance to seasonal workers.
  • Smaller parks thrive in down economy, especially those who don't require admission.
  • Off topic: Video game nonsense.
  • More amusement parks covered by Google's street view.
  • A ride injury lawsuit, about a guy who had a stroke weeks after riding, goes to trial. Any bets on whether or not that lawyer has ever seen the inside of a court room?
  • Universal Singapore starts pulling down Battlestar Galactica coaster over a glitch. Go Vekoma!
  • Universal parks down a little in attendance, but up in per capita spending. Probably because every kid who ever went has a Thing 1 onesie or T-shirt. And you can even get them at the Orlando airport!
  • PARC spending lots of money this year.
  • Volcano locks down travelers, Orlando attractions invite them in.
  • Mike has seen the Kiddieland ride first hand at Six Flags Great America, and posted photos in the Day in Pictures forum. Family and kid sized wood coasters rock.
  • Some dudes infiltrate an abandoned island on the Walt Disney World Bay Lake.
  • Check out a copy of the recent newsletter outlining some of the features of CoasterBuzz. Also has info on our need to replace the site's Web server.
  • Knoebels Flying Turns a labor of love, obviously, because at this point it doesn't make much business sense.
  • Insert love for Zamperla here.
  • Facebook is a little scary.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 3:55 PM
KnoebelsGrandCarousel's avatar

I am actually using the Orlando flex-ticket when I visit in June. It's a very good deal for $259 a person without BGT and $299 a person with BGT included. It includes all the parks you mentioned in the podcast as well as Aquatica and CityWalk for 14 consecutive days.

However, it was not very well promoted and wasn't easy to find. I would think they would advertise it better. If they can show you can do a whole week in Orlando without setting foot in Disney, I would think they could draw a substantial crowd. (Those who are sick of Disney or have no interest in it.)


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