CoasterBuzz Podcast #171 posted

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Jeff, Mike, Carrie and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Olympic fever... now complete. Neat online coverage, when it was live at least.
  • The proxy statement is out, the votes are coming in, and the deal to take Cedar Fair private isn't looking very good.
  • Dubai firm reduces stake in Merlin. Rumors about Merlin going public still haven't panned out.
  • Coney Island the darling of Mayor Bloomberg. Gonch says the seedy feel of the old amusement area was part of the character. Jeff asks why new and shiny is so frowned upon when it comes to new development.
  • China has its second wood coaster on order, this one coming from GCI.
  • Darien Lake is getting a water park. Really? What took them so long? Six Flags back in the day seemed slow to invest in water parks.
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  • In event news, the Fall Affair flyer has been posted. Splashin' Safari will be open this year during the event! Details on Timbers Fest also posted to the club page.
  • Lo-Q is makin' money by helping people sell upcharge stuff. FTW!
  • Kentucky folk trying to sue Six Flags and keep them from removing the rides from Kentucky Kingdom. Still a big mystery over how Six Flags could not own the rides.
  • Ferrari World opening later this year with world's fastest coaster.
  • Captain EO coming back for a limited engagement at Disneyland. Does anyone care?
  • Trainer dies at SeaWorld Orlando as orca drags her into the water. Debate ensues about whether or not it's right for the animals to be captive. Where are the protests when SeaWorld saves and rehabilitates some animals off the coast of California?
  • Worlds of Fun announces a light show, hopefully will keep folks in the park later. Coaster dorks yawn, but it's still a good idea.

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