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Jeff, Mike, Pat and Carrie review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Ridiculously slow news week, plus enthusiasts were busy doing final weekend stuff at seasonal parks.
  • Mike has a good weekend with Natalia at Great America, Jeff is astounded by the low attendance at Cedar Point. Weather was a huge issue this fall.
  • Jeff starts in an off-topic rant about radio, and is sad about the low participation at his college station.
  • Legoland coming to Southern Illinois? Plus hotel expansion in California.
  • Also off-topic, Jeff attends a baby shower.
  • Oh, and look, the crew starts talking about cross-country driving, Google and Bing maps and the location of Devil's Tower. Carrie did an 11-hour drive to Holiday World last year.
  • Southern Star misses a bond application deadline. Isn't it funny how Nickelodeon will whore themselves out to anyone who can pay, yet Hard Rock backs off hard when a licensee fails?
  • Busch parks won't have to deal with ridiculous net 90 terms for their vendors as they did under InBev rule.
  • A Shanghai Disney park looks like a go. China's a nice market to go if you're trying to expand.
  • Mike describes really strange Halloween treatment for Space Mountain at Disneyland. Special access loading platforms are a good idea if you can afford to build one.
  • Programming note: The show will be off the next two weeks, and return November 23, starting a bi-weekly schedule for the off-season.
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