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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • We can't believe we're still doing this show for this long, and that people continue to listen to it. It's interesting to look back and see how Gonch got involved, mostly through the old games site. We're hoping to rope in most of the crew to the Fall Affair.
  • Boy drowns at Kalahari in Sandusky. It's surprising that this could happen given the typical load of lifeguards at these parks.
  • Wallenda is doing high wire acts all around the Cedar Fair parks. Does this draw people in or just scare the hell out of them?
  • Dells Kalahari expands and manages to grow in down economy. Interesting that they saw the downturn as an opportunity.
  • Alleged hair loss advocates slam Freestyle Music Park for ad. Everyone laughs at call for boycott.
  • Congress wants to put a stop to ban on government travel to Orlando and Las Vegas if those places have the best room rates.
  • Mt. Olympus keeps breaking the law over late night operation, the law looks the other way.
  • Coney Island redevelopment plan gets stamp of approval from city council. Freak show crowd not happy.
  • Son of Beast OK'd by state, but park gives no indication about when or if it will open. Weird how the non-enthusiast public seems to be OK with the ride, even though we mostly can't stand it.
  • Paramount Pictures likely to license to new park operator to replace Expoland in Japan. Important to note that this is not getting "in" the business the way the former Paramount Parks were.
  • Little park appears in North Myrtle Beach. Seems like an example of the right way to start a new park.
  • Cedar Fair sends a strongly worded memo to Santa Clara over 49ers stadium action.
  • Disney takes a profit hit for discounting the theme parks, but still maintains amazing level of attendance and occupancy.
  • Single-day gate goes up again at Disney World, but it's still inconsequential for the longer stays.
  • Looks like we're doing a marathon ride fund raiser on Cedar Point's Gemini for Give Kids The World. Stay tuned!
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  • BooBuzz 2009 details posted for Cedar Point!
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World promises to be a big deal. Register today!

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