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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • We can't believe we're still doing this show for this long, and that people continue to listen to it. It's interesting to look back and see how Gonch got involved, mostly through the old games site. We're hoping to rope in most of the crew to the Fall Affair.
  • Boy drowns at Kalahari in Sandusky. It's surprising that this could happen given the typical load of lifeguards at these parks.
  • Wallenda is doing high wire acts all around the Cedar Fair parks. Does this draw people in or just scare the hell out of them?
  • Dells Kalahari expands and manages to grow in down economy. Interesting that they saw the downturn as an opportunity.
  • Alleged hair loss advocates slam Freestyle Music Park for ad. Everyone laughs at call for boycott.
  • Congress wants to put a stop to ban on government travel to Orlando and Las Vegas if those places have the best room rates.
  • Mt. Olympus keeps breaking the law over late night operation, the law looks the other way.
  • Coney Island redevelopment plan gets stamp of approval from city council. Freak show crowd not happy.
  • Son of Beast OK'd by state, but park gives no indication about when or if it will open. Weird how the non-enthusiast public seems to be OK with the ride, even though we mostly can't stand it.
  • Paramount Pictures likely to license to new park operator to replace Expoland in Japan. Important to note that this is not getting "in" the business the way the former Paramount Parks were.
  • Little park appears in North Myrtle Beach. Seems like an example of the right way to start a new park.
  • Cedar Fair sends a strongly worded memo to Santa Clara over 49ers stadium action.
  • Disney takes a profit hit for discounting the theme parks, but still maintains amazing level of attendance and occupancy.
  • Single-day gate goes up again at Disney World, but it's still inconsequential for the longer stays.
  • Looks like we're doing a marathon ride fund raiser on Cedar Point's Gemini for Give Kids The World. Stay tuned!
  • CoasterBuzz Club is $25 per year. You can join or renew today. Enjoy CoasterBuzz with no ads.
  • BooBuzz 2009 details posted for Cedar Point!
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World promises to be a big deal. Register today!

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I would like to make a point about Great America
Six flags will get the parking fees of 15.00 a day for some of the football days plus if it is a late afternoon or night game some of those people will go to the park first.

LostKause's avatar

I love how you start the podcast out by calling all of your frequent club members "Morons". It's a hoot! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.

Then you bring it full circle near the end with, "Someone called me a moron... and I had to delete the post."


ridemcoaster's avatar

"We're hoping to rope in most of the crew to the Fall Affair."

If you are wondering if you qualify as "most of the crew", then chances are you aren't. :)

Jeff's avatar

What the hell are you talking about? I didn't make any generalization about club members being morons.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

LostKause's avatar

I just went back and listened to it again.

The first time I though that you were saying that everyone who wasn't hand picked by you to be a moderator was a moron, and that's why you never asked them.

Giving it a second listen, I've interpreted it a little differently. You were not saying that that not being a moron is your main criteria for picking mods. You were saying that the not wanting to be a mod is the main criteria for picking a mod.

Which is still very ironic.

I didn't mean to tick you off. I guess I'm still stuck on that "everyone is stupid" thing.

Lord Gonchar's avatar

LostKause said:
You were saying that the not wanting to be a mod is the main criteria for picking a mod.

Not exactly what he said, but keep trying and maybe you'll find something to be negative about.

If you have any requests, we could just make it easier. Let me know what crappy thing you'd like me to say so that you can point it out in the comments and we'll all have a good laugh.

ridemcoaster's avatar

Maybe its just me LK, and mind you I have a friendly respect for Jeff and Gonch and all the other Buzzers (except Moosh), but why do you care what they say?

So what if someone feels that "everyone is stupid". Its an opinion that has no bearing on your life, my life, my neighbors life.. you get the idea.

Gonch doesnt care about BBW enough to go.. Eh.. And??

Jeff is a typical developer and always blames the IT people.. Meh So?

I still have a great job, have an amazing wife, and love that in the end, I appreciate the varied opinions that the buzzers have and really what keeps me coming back. Will we disagree sure.. But i have yet to see any direct attacks on someone, unless initiated.

Naturally my earlier rants above were all tongue and cheek ;), but I guess im baffled at why the things they say seems to irk you so much.

When I hear someone say everyone is stupid, the part that makes me chuckle even more is "Everyone" includes the one making the remark :)

Jeff's avatar

Of course, there's still the issue that no one said everyone was stupid, so, there's that.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

ridemcoaster's avatar

Mine was an example of what was said in previous post, but thanks for ruining my rant ;)

kpjb's avatar

Just so there's no confusion as you mention above, I always qualify it with the classic Homer Simpson quote: "Everybody's stupid but me."


LostKause's avatar

I pick up on the snobbery and lack of respect of other members, and that's probably what bothers me the most.

I suppose that I was trying to convey that if you think that someone is stupid or a moron for whatever reason, someone else probably thinks the same of you for some reason as well.

I have always had respect for Jeff and Gonch too, but it becomes more and more difficult when the respect I have is sideswiped with comments that some people here are morons and are stupid. That's childish name calling that not only interrupts the discussions we have, but also becomes the underlying theme of the discussions. (Just look at the post directly below my first one here.)

At first I think, "who is he talking about?" Then I wonder, "Could he be talking about me?" Yes, I may be somewhat paranoid, but no matter who they are talking about, they reveal that they lack respect for some members for whatever reason.

No need to get defensive. That's just how I have seen things the whole time I've been here, practically 8 years now.

Now could we control-alt-delete this bit about how I "feel" and continue with more enlightening discussion about something more interesting?

EDIT - Now that I think about it, I've been here more like 9 years. Not that it matters.

Last edited by LostKause,
Jeff's avatar

What is this, high school? Do you feel like you're not a part of the in crowd? That everyone at the next lunch table is making fun of you?

This is a flippin' amusement park site. Seriously. In the scope of your life, I hope to God it just doesn't matter that much to you. I can't be held accountable for any insane suggestion in your own head that I'm going out of my way to rag on you.

Let it go. You're blowing an inconsequential comment completely out of proportion and making it into something it's not. Expanding on what Gonch said, the way I see it, the only one bringing anything negative to the table is you.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

Hmmm, I really didn't hear Jeff calling anyone a moron. What I DID hear (and admittedly I listened this morning on my way to work) was that he drafted people to be moderators (and later, podcast personalities) rather than letting the people jumping up and down screaming "Oooh, me! Me!" do it.

Look at it this way -- to whom do you give the keys to your house? Someone you know and respect, or the shady guy on the corner in the trenchcoat asking for them?

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

Raven-Phile's avatar

I used to have respect for Gonch. Used to. :-D

I dont get what the big deal is, linking the two comments. Jeff is generally excited for the Fall Affair because a large number of his enthusiast friends are going to be there (cant blame him there) and choose moderators in a way that most site owners do (look to what he considered to be posters who post a lot and appear to have his same vision about what the board should be.)

I think some people are making a mountain out of a molehill, like I said at every board I frequent mods are chosen the same way and someone is excited about an event where a lot of his friends are going to be there, big deal. I doubt the latter is going to have any negative effect on the "outsiders" going to the Fall Affair, and the former is just the way the web operates.

Raven-Phile's avatar

I heard a special guest was going to be making an appearance, and seating people on the coasters at this year's Fall Affair. I might have to try and go.

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The thing that I don't understand is the idea that we all must respect each other. I really don't respect every person here. Can you say that you do? I think at best we have a responsibility to be civil to one another, nothing more. And I think we do that.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

I dont know about that Carrie, generally I feel that due to the medium (and the in inability of it to convey actual emotion, sarcasm, etc.) you have to be a really bad (omg dis brd is de suxor!) in order for me to lose respect for any poster here. That however may come from my past encounters on the web where my words have been read in a way I never intended them to be read though.

Carrie M.'s avatar

Interesting. In order to lose respect for someone, though Touchdown, that implies you had respect for them at one time, right? Where does that respect stem from? Do you automatically respect every member until they demonstrate a reason not to (like omg dis brd is de suxor!)?

See, I respect everyone's right to be here. And I respect everyone's right to participate. But I don't just automatically respect every person here just because they are here. There are many people I don't even know here.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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