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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • CoasterBuzz Club will be going up in price soon after eight years at $20. You can still join or renew today at the old rate. Jeff explains why the increase is coming.
  • Trip reports can now be associated with parks, so your reports are more easily found by park. It comes as part of a minor forum upgrade.
  • The Six Flags bankruptcy story continues to unfold, and the company wants everyone to know that yes, we are open. This really sounds like a turn around point for the company.
  • PointBuzz posts Starlight Experience high definition video feature. Interesting stuff about the IT used to create a huge distributed theatrical lighting system.
  • There are a bunch of seasonal workers on standby to string up the ultimate Christmas lights at your house now.
  • The technology has come so far and is available at all levels. The boys are nostalgic about rock light shows, and when it wasn't cool to have light shows.
  • Paralyzed Marine's family makes a stink about free admission to Michigan's Adventure, comment storm ensues.
  • Is the Internet doomed to be a big pile of negativity, or is it really just a reflection of real life?
  • Speaking of technology, it's so easy to take for granted the amazing things we have today, especially if you were born in the 70's. We're old.
  • Lots of discounts and deals out there if you look around for them. USA Today had some examples.
  • Cedar Fair doesn't seem to have any strategy about how to market Cedar Point and Kings Island in the same state.
  • Mom blames park security for losing her kid.
  • Save the clock tower! The town square is back at Universal Hollywood.
  • Is Orlando on a blacklist for government meetings because it's too fun? Jeff thinks it's stupid that it and Vegas are negatively viewed for this reason.
  • Freestyle plugging away and doing the right things, but Gonch and Jeff don't understand why they had to happen instead of the old stuff. Could have been in addition to.
  • We appreciate your support of CoasterBuzz by joining the club. It's only $20 per year, and your membership helps support this podcast.
  • The Fall Affair at Holiday World promises to be a big deal. Register today!

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