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Jeff and Pat review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Gonch has basement issues, and his basement has a mean echo now. Meanwhile, Jeff bought a new bike.
  • Dippin' Dots struggles as the ice cream of the now, with competitors and patent lawsuits. Now they're trying coffee.
  • New Orleans goes after Six Flags for not operating the park there, and it strikes us as a waste of time and taxpayer money given the state of Six Flags, and the state of New Orleans.
  • Gonch thinks that the changes at Freestyle Music Park are at least a lateral move, at worst a step backward from the Hard Rock Park. Jeff still thinks the brand was solid, and the lack of marketing was tragic.
  • Six Flags Great America opens Buccaneer Battle, and we think it's a pretty cool idea. This seems like an example of Six Flags doing more of the right thing.
  • Dollywood opens a $1 million show, and it's brilliant that they sell a CD with the music from the show. Why doesn't Disney do this for the [i]Nemo[/i] musical?
  • Six Flags Over Georgia pours a lot of money into a classic dark boat ride, and Gonch says it's more of an experience enhancement to bring people back than a marketable attraction.
  • Chippewa Lake finally sees new development after being an amusement ghost park for decades.
  • Cedar Fair vs. Six Flags CEO optimism. Dick sets expectations low, Mark says he's optimistic. Do Six Flags parks do a lot of company picnic business?
  • NYC economic development PR fail.
  • Jeff goes to Cedar Point's opening day to ridiculous crowds.
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