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Jeff, Pat and Mike review this week's news in the amusement industry.

  • Dreamworks latest to want to build in Dubai. Do their properties really translate culturally?
  • Lo-Q coming to more Six Flags parks. Mike says that tolerance for up-charge queues is high because it has been around for awhile at these parks.
  • Off-seasons are weird in Orlando, but obviously when the kids are out of school. Tourism down there sure made a nice recovery since 9/11, especially with foreign tourists given the weak dollar.
  • Darien Lake announces motor bike style coaster, the first big ride since Six Flags sold the park. Jeff's not fond of the biker position.
  • Casino tangent, and how non-Vegas casinos generally suck.
  • Cedar Fair distribution still going strong. Jeff still doesn't understand why they're buying a big coaster for Canada's Wonderland, but maybe because he's grumpy about the lack of human resource retention company wide.
  • Santa Clara is crazy for football and losing their minds. And oh yeah, they can't do anything without the blessing of Cedar Fair. They seem to keep overlooking that.
  • Georgia water crisis may close water rides at Six Flags Over Georgia.
  • New board member for Cedar Fair: Rubber stamper or management challenger?
  • We really need Rick on after the big results are released because we don't know what we're talking about.

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