Cedar Point offers update on status of Millennium Force for Millennium Mania

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Cedar Point issued the following statement regarding Millennium Force and Millennium Mania, a limited-ride event being held this week:

As you may have heard in news reports, due to necessary maintenance, Millennium Force is currently closed and will not be open for Millennium Mania on Thursday, Sept. 6. Its status for Friday, Sept. 7, is unknown at this time. For updates, please visit cedarpoint.com.

Cedar Point sincerely regrets this uncontrollable situation and is very disappointed that Millennium Force will not be available for a portion of this special event. To try to make it up to you, our valued guests, until Millennium Force is up and running for Millennium Mania, VertiGo, our brand new thrill ride in Challenge Park will be available for rides FREE of charge for Millennium Mania participants. Each ride is a $10 value. And as a special added bonus, Blue Streak will also be in operation.

Best of all, everyone attending Millennium Mania while Millennium Force is unavailable will receive a Millennium Force Boarding Pass, which allows you to enter through the exit and ride without waiting in line. This exclusive pass is valid for the rest of the 2001 season as well as through the 2002 season.

We are working feverishly around the clock to have Millennium Force back in operation as soon as possible. We hope you will come see us at Millennium Mania, and again, truly regret the situation. Thank you.

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