BGW::TIMELINE updated with photos, video

Posted | Contributed by Justin Worsley

I updated the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Timeline with a bunch of cool new stuff. Here's a quick breakdown of some highlights:

  • A vintage photo of Die Wildkatz (1979 Park Gallery)
  • Two vintage photos of Glissade, (1979 Park Gallery)
  • A classic photo of the Rhine River before the Loch Ness Monster, Big Bad Wolf and San Marco footbridge. (1977 Park Gallery)
  • I've got the 1994 map and brochure, as well as a brief year summary as well. (1994)
  • A brief write-up on the removal of Gladiator's Gauntlet (1993 Park Changes)

Also, the Drachen Fire ride guide is slated for a Thanksgiving release, but to get everyone excited, I created a nice little Drachen Fire video, a theatrical trailer if you will, promoting the ride guide's upcoming release. I'm really proud of it. If you have fat sound on your computer, this is a must see video.


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