A variety of rides opening in Europe in 2002

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While AIR, Colossus, Goliath and Silver Star have dominated the headlines, there are many other rides opening in Europe this year that are worth a look:

  • Bellewarde Park will open seven new kiddy rides while re-theming the existing Pepinoland kid’s area. The new rides are the Froghopper, Looney Tooter, Mini Jet, Big Foot, Crazy Bus, mini Ferris Wheel and Samba Balloon.
  • Drayton Manor will debut the wild Maelstrom, one of the first installations of an Intamin gyro-swing.
  • Denmark’s Legoland will introduce X-Treme Racers, a wild mouse coaster much like the one at Legoland California.
  • Also from Lego is the company’s fourth park, Legoland Deutschland. The German park will open with many rides and attractions, including the Lego Technic wild mouse coaster, The Dragon family coaster and the Jungle X-pedition log flume.
  • Liseberg will open two new rides this year: Kulingen, a swinging flat ride, and SpinRock, a Zamperla Discovery.
  • Pleasureland Southport will blast guests high in the sky on the Space Shot, a 125-foot tall S&S Power space shot.
  • Walibi Aquitaine, a member of the Six Flags European division, will add the Zigzag wild mouse coaster.
  • And Warner Brothers Movie World Germany will unveil The Wild Bunch, a 200 foot-tall Intamin stand-up gyro-drop.

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