2004 Wood Coaster Calendar available from S & D Greetings

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For years it has been the status quo of roller coaster calendars: one coaster featured each month, all year long. S&D Greetings finally bucks that trend by cramming 13 wooden roller coasters in its 12-month 2004 Wood Coaster Calendar. Featuring modern thrillers like Celebration City’s Ozark Wildcat, Holiday World’s Raven, and Lake Compounce’s Boulder Dash as well as classics like Kennywood’s Jack Rabbit and Conneaut Lake Park’s Blue Streak, the 14x22 inch full-sized wall calendar is available at a special advanced order price through October 5th, 2003.

The limited edition calendar features information and stats for all 13 coasters, each amusement park, and each contributing photographer.

Founded by roller coaster enthusiasts Matthew Sullivan and Carrie Drabek, S & D Greetings was launched in 2001 due to the overwhelming response the two received after creating Christmas cards for their own personal use.

Read more or order at S & D Greetings.

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