Zonga... For Sale

^^ Absolutely! Those back-to-back circular loops were easily the best part of Zonga. Without the space inbetween, it was a consistant rotation of mind blowing g's until the pullout. The rest of the ride including the butchered first drop was too slow, forceless and painful to enjoy. But oh my gawd those first 2 loops!

*** Edited 11/14/2006 8:06:33 PM UTC by jomo***

The first two loops are amazing and had some great hang time! The 4th loop was also pretty nifty(was more enjoyable in Texas). The 3rd loop however felt very awkward to go through.=/ *** Edited 11/14/2006 8:25:26 PM UTC by As Tro World 2k***
wow - i didn't know it was on youtube as well.
But look - circular loops...!
I think this coaster caters to the serious second-level coaster masochist.

airtime for everyone
You make it sound as though there's something wrong with that? ;)
It surprises me how many people say they liked this coaster. I went on it with one of my friends and it was not a fun ride. It is like a carnival ride on steroids. Shaky and very high G's quite possibly my least faveorite looping steel. Not as bad as Psyclone but still....

Look Out Its Medusa Man!

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