Your all-time worst coaster ride?

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My last ride on Flight of Fear at King's Island before they switched to lapbars. I literally thought I did some damage to my skull. The headache was so bad that I couldn't ride anything else the rest of the day.

Now it's my favorite coaster in the park. ;)

My first on only ride on Psyclone at SFMM was almost as bad.


Worst steel: Flight of Fear at PKD with the OTSRs. One of the few coasters where I have gotten off and had to get asprin.

Worst wood: Hercules at Dorney Park. *** Edited 7/14/2006 11:48:40 AM UTC by Avaro***

Wood- Son of Beast (every ride)
Steel- Sidewinder @ HERSHEYPARK!- Worst boomerang ever.
Gl's Mind Eraser.
Gl's Serial Thriller.
CLP's Toboggan.

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Mine was SoB. Not only did I have to suffer through the ride, but I got a wasp in my shirt, which stung me at least three times on the shoulder.

This happened while we were stopped on the pre-station brakes, because a handicapped person was getting on the train - and to top it off, a drenching rainstorm started while we were sitting there for five minutes.

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Rolling Thunder. Right or not, I've always blamed that ride for completely ruining my dad's neck. My dad is a lifetime coaster-junkie and one fateful day many years ago he boarded that coaster with me despite the neck-ache he had that day--and he's never been the same sine and long ago retired from riding coasters. Sorry, dad.
My worst ride has to be Deja Vu at SFGam. The ride itself wasn't bad, but we got stuck on the lift hill for 15 minutes after returning thru the station. My wife was crying and screaming. Those coasters have been the biggest waste of money.
Den - that is awful! Yee-ouch!

Here are mine:

Steel: No contest - Flight Of Fear opening year at PKI. I have NEVER experienced headbanging like that before or since. The worst OTSRs ever + nonstop pinball-like headbanging = the only time I have had to go to First Aid for aspirin following a ride. I am still amazed that thing ran for as long as it did with those horrible restraints.

Wood: As bad as FOF was, at least my headache went away that day. I wasn't so lucky after a trip to Dorney in '04. We took a spin on Thunderhawk in the front seat and had an excellent ride, so I had the bright idea of trying the backseat. Big mistake. On one of the curves I was brutally slammed to the side and instantly felt pain. The rest of the day I felt like I had cracked a rib and it hurt every time I took a breath. When I went to bed that night I had to sleep with a pillow under me because it hurt so bad. The pain lasted at least a week and half before it finally went away.

- Aaron K

Wood: Big Dipper at Geauga Lake. Although, I am going to go again in September to give it a second chance. I've been told recently to ride anywhere but the back seat.

Steel: FOF at PKI before the lap bars. Now, ultra fun after the retro fit.

mamoosh, i with ya ...we picked the same two.

Son of Beast and Viper at SFGa. I was actually afraid to ride them a second time because i really got hurt banged around on both of them with major headaches afterward. I did ride SOB again just because of the shear size and to see if it was really that bad in a different row. way! I hurt my neck so bad the first time I was sure if i ever rode it again they would take me out in a stretcher!

...location and theming...thats the ticket....not always height or speed...
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lol...and I dig your username! ;)
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SFMM Revolution. :( Every time I ride it now I ask myself "why?" "Why tarnish memories of this rides wonderful past?" "Why abuse myself with the jury-rigged iron-maiden restraints and the excessive brakes that slam me into them again and again all over the course?" "Why is one of the rides that best uses SFMM's terrain so unpleasant to me now?" "Why did I ask such a silly question since my earlier questions answered that one?" :(
Memphis Kiddie Parks Dipper.
That thing hurts.

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ALL Premiers (save Speed) before the retrofit were AWFUL rides, hard to believe they sold ANY of those contraptions. THEN, the retrofit happened, children danced in the street, the angels started to sing, and some even said that a single ray of sunshine came down on PKI so that enthusiasts would be led to the newborn ride...

Sacrilege! ;)

How about another Vekoma for the list? My worst ride was my first and now only trip to SFNO. I made the mistake of riding Jester! I suppose a Vekoma looper is bad enough, but backwards made for extreme nausea! So, that ended my day with only two MegaZeph rides and I also missed out on what I have heard was a great dark ride- Jocco's Mardi Gras Madness!

coaster_dad *** Edited 7/14/2006 4:13:03 PM UTC by coaster_dad***

Wood - Back seat of the Flying Wolf Bobs several years ago

Steel - Viper, say no more

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Wood: Mean Streak. I had one particular ride last year that made me leave the park for a few hours. I'm...well endowed...up top and the ride was so jostly, I broke my freakin underwire on my bra just riding. Not fun.

Steel: Iron Wolf. Every ride on that thing makes me feel 1. like I'm being shoved into the world's largest mamogram machine and 2. like I'm about to be given a massive first-hand demonstration on how to give yourself a migrane. *** Edited 7/14/2006 6:00:40 PM UTC by Kenmei***

Watch out for flying maps!

I've had a fair share of extremely uncomfortable rides on Magnum, even though it is still one of my all-time favorites. I'm quite slender so when that restraint comes too far down into my hips it can be a bit painful. However, when I last the ride without the lapbar coming too far, it is absolutely fantastic.:)

Rolling Thunder is also not exactly a pleasant experience.

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Wood: My worst ride ever on a wooden coaster was the Racer(forwards)! I loved this ride the first time I rode it years ago, but last year it was just terrible! After the first hill the lapbar slammed down about two notches and that took away every force there was possible to experience on the coaster. I was truley in PAIN and with every hop it got worse. I was just praying for it to be over. Plus it was rougher than heck!

Steel: Beech Bend's Looping Star. It was rough, I banged my head on the OTSR over and over, it was so slow that no airtime was experienced(except for at the top of the loop which we almost got stuck on), and to top it all off as we were coming out of the last turn and up a hill to the brake run, the train slowly came to a stop and then rolled backwards so that we were stuck on the last turn until the ride "crew" came to push us up the hill and to the unloading station.

SOB for me hands down. I've ridden it several times since the year it opened, hoping it would be a better ride. It hasn't been.

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