Your all-time worst coaster ride?

Hercules & Rolling Thunder..They both tie for First! Though I have to say my last ride on Hercules (the Last weekend it was open was better than my first) but my first ride..I had a migraine for weeks after.

As far as Rolling thunder ..........anyone have a match?? That ride has been horrible for years now!

Yeah,the Boss is a POTENTIALLY decent ride, but I am really doubting they will spend thousands on new trains when it will do nothing to help attendance and hardly anybody will notice,unfortunately. It would be a waste of money in their opinion,especially considering the company's current state.

I thought, though, there were rumors a few years back that they'd possibly get PTC's, but I guess that's all it was, a rumor.

I've only had three rides in my life where I seriously thought I was going to be injured. The first time this happened was on SFGAm's Shockwave. I had a pounding headache and an aching neck for several hours after.

The second worst coaster ride I ever had was Magnum in 1.3. This was without a doubt the roughest and most painful ride imaginable. I swore I would never ride that coaster again, and to this day I have not.

The absolute worst coaster ride ever was on IB's Lost Coaster opening year when the woman across from me was carted off on a stretcher due to a concussion. I will never ride that again either.


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Just noting that NO ONE has mentioned Psucklone thus far...truly hard for me to believe.

MINE, strange story, on what was really a GOOD coaster, too. Frontier City's Wildcat...with a cracked rib I had courtesy of UltraTwister. I was in agony, but I got the *available* credits at Frontier City, even the Wild Kitty! Didn't get Diamond Back, the Arrow shuttle loop, which opened as we left the parking a rush to get to Bell's (which was closed, and I was almost thankful, I was in THAT much pain).

Note to self: CALL before leaving a park to get to another park....OTOH, we were quite DONE with the staff at Frontier City...which had acquired its own moniker after just an hour or so... ;)
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My worst was at old town in orlando the Windstorm back in 98 it was like rust holding hands and my lap bar popped open during the ride scaring my wife half to death. *** Edited 7/14/2006 3:12:42 AM UTC by supermandl***

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Ten yrs ago at SFGAm, I waited in an endless zigzag line to ride "ShockWave" (now gone), I was surrounded in line by people low on the foodchain.

The ride was always a little bumpy, but for some reason this time around was extremely bad. It felt like the train was falling apart. After the torture I slowly went to the nearest bench, and waited for the neck pains to cease.

Ahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...

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Heh, you guys should ride Timber Wolf in its current condition. I don't think there has been or ever will be a coaster that shuffles more. It's so bad it's funny. :)

You know I just rode TW last weekend and I think that it's that fun kind of rough. Have you ridden Outlaw yet this season? Thing is turning into a total piece of [crap]!

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Just noting that NO ONE has mentioned Psucklone thus far...truly hard for me to believe.

Psucklone is ranked right above SOB in my 2005 ballot for Mitch's poll. Together with PGA's Grizzly, Wild Adventure's Cheetah, and SFGAdv's Rolling Thunder they make up my lowest-ranked woodies [#87-$91].

Hurler at PKD is by far the worst. I have heard rumors that the one at Carowinds is worse, but WOW.
I rode MM's Psucklone once around three years after it opened and I remember it being a horrible experience. I have the credit, so I never bothered to ride again.

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Just noting that NO ONE has mentioned Psucklone thus far...truly hard for me to believe.

One reason for not picking Psyclone is it's such an easy target at this point, so is PGA's Grizzly. We all know their horrible, and most of us that know better avoid them anyway.

Rather, I subscribe to the old Roger Ebert/Gene Siskel view that I don't go after the easy targets that I haven't ridden in years anyway, but rather the ones that *should* be great, were designed to be great, but still manage to fail misirably.

Rides like Hurricane (CCI) and Hypersonic (S&S) are two of my least favorite coasters ever. But they should have been great!

Most Boring- PGA's Grizzly

Worst Steel- Manhattan Express/Iron Wolf

Worst Wood- SOB.....hands down.


My first time to SFMM, when X had 4 hours waits (mid 2002), after our 4th ride of the day,S:TE, my sister got a serious nose bleed that lasted 45 min. And Psyclone was one of the four! We my sister left and we were all given passes to get back into the park, which I used immediately, but I only got on two more rides.

I still remember exactly where the fun ended, right as we entered R's R queue, her nose started bleeding.

Worst Steel - SFGAdv's Viper (it's gone, yay!)

Worst Wood - tie between Rotting Lumber (Rolling Thunder) and Hurler (PKD)

...then again, this past Tuesday I was at Hersheypark and got one of my worst rides ever on Wildcat...that thing hurt brutally bad, I had whiplash/neck pains after I got off of that.... :(

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

SFOT's Flashback (boomerang) the OTSR went down two clicks after the first drop and the rest of the ride I was in seering pain as my back was compressed.

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Son of Beast

(with a "Dishonorable Mention" going to Steel Phantom)

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Another vote for Son of Beast, opening year.
Worst wood: Texas Giant @ SFOT in the very last seat. I thought I had broken a rib while riding. My whole side was in pain. I actually rode this ride again, but this time in the middle, and it wasn't nearly as bad.

Worst steel: Boomerang @ SFFT in the front seat. On both drops my head got banged pretty hard against the back of the seat, and when going through the cobra roll my head was being beaten by the OSTR. This ride isn't too bad in the middle and back.

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Worst Steel - Tomb Raider: The Ride @ PCW
Worst Wood - Mean Streak @ CP
For me 3 coasters at Paramount Canada's Wonderland were the roughest I've ever ridden. Canadian Minebuster, Wildebeast and Top Gun. The wooden coasters there are in dire need of retracking and new trains. I thought the shaking was going to throw me off the darn things. And Top Gun, well typical Vekoma SLC.

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