Your 2008 Coaster Goal

Since it's 2008 what is everyone #1 must ride or goal for this up coming coaster season?

Mine is to finally make it to Lake Compounce.


#1 goal: Flying Turns (at last!)
#2: Ravine Flyer II
#3: first visit to Indiana Beach

The rest is negotiable. :)

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Would you believe TTD?

I was there the year it opened only to find it closed for the day.

I hoo.

Don't tell me I haven't missed anything. KDK will be a while from now if it's still around by then.

I have to pass on the big gravy buffet this year. 2009 will get my full attention for that. Until then...I have some unfinished business in Sandusky.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

Happy New Year!

call me greedy, but I can't think of one goal. Of pretty much equal importance:
- Flying Turns
- Ravine Flyer
- Hard Rock Park
- ACE Convention in Georgia, side trips to Lake Winnie and Ghost Town

Anything else is a bonus. I already had to scratch a planned trip to England so I'll be glad to go anywhere. Behemoth, EvelK, Fahrenheit, Steel Hawg, & everything else will have to wait. *** Edited 1/1/2008 2:55:13 PM UTC by Seahawk & the Wave***

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Flying Turns, Ravine Flyer II and Boardwalk Bullet are the big three for me.

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Getting home frequently to see my family and ride Ravine Flyer 2, as well as getting back to the Phall Phunfest finally are my two goals next year.

I am excited for anything non-Six Flags.
Ravine Flyer looks a little overrated but not as bad as the Led Zepplin coaster. I would rather listen to the music than ride the coaster.

Top 5, in no particular order: 1. MF 2. Maverick, 3. Kraken 3. El Toro, 4. TTD 5. Superman Krypton Coaster Top overrated coasters: 1. Incredible Hulk (Boooooring!) 2. Nitro 3. Expedition G-force 4. Goliath(SFMM) 5. Any Dive Coaster
Ravine Flyer II, Flying Turns, El Toro, And hopefully another stop to that awesome park in Santa Claus!!! Good chance of Hershey as long as the season starts before the Rush concert comes in to town!

Driven to the point of insanity

If we make it out to Waldameer, Kennywood, and Knoebel's that would make 14 possible, (but I'm most looking forward to RF2 and Flying Turns).

And if we get to my cousins in Chicago, I can hopefully snag Steel Hawg on the way, and get Superman, Batman, Dark Knight, and V2 while at SFGAm

So, 19 possibilities, now we'll just have to see how much of it comes true.

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08!
Waldameer, Canada's Wonderland, Knoebals and Hershey, as well as any park that lies between them! :)

Happy New Year!

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

My goals...

April is South Korea again! Visit a friend, ride a brand new Intamin prefab woodie and my favorite steel coaster... What more can you ask for?

The rest is still up in the air... Probably not Holiday World, as that is either a 16-18 hours drive or a 2 hours flight and 3 hours drive!

We'll were doing another PA-Jersey tour but my goal is the 80 year old.

CONEY ISLAND CYCLONE and the rest of whats left of the parks their before their gone.

Chuck, who should increase the count to about 350 this year but it's not about count to me. It's about Wood and quality.

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Lemme see I really wanna do expedition everest again, so disney.
Then I want to really wanna go to IAAPA just to see what its like.
And finally I want to ride farenheit.

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#1 Knoebels opening weekend (& hopefully Flying Turns)
#2 Holiwood Nights and PPP
#3 Avoiding Six Flags

*** Edited 1/1/2008 10:11:47 PM UTC by Mamoosh***

Stay out of the midwest for once and stay on the East coast so I'm not wracking up ridiculous amount of miles on my now payed-off car. Ah, who I'm kidding, I'll wrack up ridiculous amount of miles on the East coast instead!

Maybe go on the Coaster Zombies California tour in August, but with the first payment due in March and things looking a little bit sketchy at work, I'm not sure on that one.

Wow -- welcome the "off season" threads... ;)
  1. Evel Knievel
  2. New MOA rides
  3. Pony Express
  4. Indiana Beach's Wild Hawg (that's the name right?)
  5. Ride Nemo at Disneyland (I know it's not a coaster, but GD it's hard to get that credit)
  6. IDK ;)

Great Adventure, Hershey Park and Dorney.

The End.

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Mamoosh said:
#3 Avoiding Six Flags

This is my goal every year so I don't think it counts for me. :(

^Ahh..., but weren't you the one who said you'd give Great Adventure a chance this year and that if it didn't work out, you'd track the guy down who recommended you go (or something to that effect?):)
Here are the new coasters i am riding this year.

Flying Turns (if it ever opens)



The Dark Knight (at both Gradv & SFNE)

Not so new ones;


Voodoo (relocated from GL)

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