Yes, another Maverick question

I'm not really knowledgable on all the terminoligy, but is TTD considered a duel load station? The official Maverick site calls it's station "Elevated Single Load/Unload Station."

As a side note, they have added to the picture gallery, construction diary and an interview with John Hildebrandt all since the 4th of this month for those that haven't checked.


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Based on Cedar Point's recent installations (Millinium Force, TTD) I would suspect that there will at least be either an unload section separate from the load section or two load / unload segments in the station. When you think about it, in terms of the ride (and almost any other coaster) the longest part of the process is loading and unloading people
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Walt S said:
When you think about it, in terms of the ride (and almost any other coaster) the longest part of the process is loading and unloading people
Usually. However, this ride only has 12 seats, and no seat belts. I am willing to bet the deciding factor on dispatch times will be when the block is clear.

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I bet this ride will impress like ET. Not for the shier size, speed, airtime, but the features maverick provides will keep us coming back and always wanting more. Ride On!


Good to see they worked so hard on Alpengiest there in the background. - Matt. *** Edited 10/18/2006 4:35:33 PM UTC by CoasterDiscern***

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ilovethewildone said:
CP's site says the steel is supposed to be done by December, IIRC.
And we should obviously consider that over what we can plainly see with our eyes.

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Turbo said:
Just a quick question, aren't LSM's more difficult to work with and more of a hassle? I just remember hearing about LIM's being much easier to work with and cheaper. I wish I had that ACE Magazine issue with the 3 page discussion on the history/info about both. If anyone has that, could they scan that article?

There is an online article that says that LSM's are more difficult to work with but they use half the power of LIMs. I don't recall if they said which costs more to build. I would go find the link but then there is a 50/50 chance I could not post it here anyway so why bother.

Just a bit related, but CP has some cool stuff on the Maverick site, like icons, avatars, and the code for a really cool MySpace page background. My page now looks SWEET...check it out:

That's what it looks like.

Ha! Sellout... ;)

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Well, I like it! And since I don't know HTML (yet), this lets me jazz my page up a bit. *** Edited 10/21/2006 10:49:29 PM UTC by ilovethewildone***
Vekoma, Disney and Six Flags had no problems with their 3 LSM coasters.So, perhaps the problem was with Intamin? Let's hope they fixed it by now.

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