Yes, another Maverick question

After watching Maverick go up (webcams are our friend), I have a question about test trains. Would the park run them after the steel is finished, or wait until the WHOLE thing (landscaping, theming, etc.) is finished? It'd be a kick to fire up the webcam and see a train going by!
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The themeing will probably be going up while the ride is testing. I think the reason for having the structure up relatively early is that they have to deal with two sets of LSMs to program and test. I'm sure that will be taking a great deal of time to do.

The themeing and all the other stuff to finish the area around the ride will take a relatively short time compared to the actual construction of the ride. The last few rides we've seen gone up with or without themeing had all the finishing touches done within the last one or two weeks before opening.

I'm guessing they don't want another Dragster or Wicked Twister on their hands with it barely opening on opening day.

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Just a quick question, aren't LSM's more difficult to work with and more of a hassle? I just remember hearing about LIM's being much easier to work with and cheaper. I wish I had that ACE Magazine issue with the 3 page discussion on the history/info about both. If anyone has that, could they scan that article?
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I think when they were first developed it took much longer to get the LSM's working (S:TE) than LIM's (Mad Cobra?).

I think now, they're pretty reliable out of the box.

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^ As long as that box isn't addressed to SFGAdv... ;)
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rollergator said:
^ As long as that box isn't addressed to SFGAdv... ;)
Are you implying that SFGAdv has had issues with LSM's? If so, which ride are you referring to?

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Maverick will be a ball of fun! :)
It looks like form all the webcams that the final brakes and station are the only thing left to be built.

The rest of the track look complete.

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I suspect a pull-thru to check for clearances will be done prior to the addition of theme elements, followed by a second check once theming is intact. But that's just a guess ;)
^^ Judging from the layout, they're getting close to the brake run. And the pull-through/second check sounds logical, too.
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So...I heard somwhere that all they have left is the final brake run and station? Wish I could remember where I hear that...? :)
I have a question about the ride too. TTD also has six trains, but only uses 5 because they found that it is better with five. But since Maverick is longer, will they use all six or only 5 like TTD? Also, is it a single or dual loading station?
Moosh, I cant completly confirm this but from what my untrained eye could see on Saturday that was the case (but I must warn you it was dusk when I made it to Frontiertown.)

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The transfer hasn't been assembled yet either. The station foundations are almost there. I think as of yesterday, every support has been erected.

And people were doubting that the major steel erection would be done by the end of the season.

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Jeff said erection! ;)

Regarding Maverick's station: seems logical that with the shorter trains that two trains could load simultaneously in-tandem. The first will leave and go up the lift, the second will advance to block just before lift and wait until next block is clear.

But that is just a guess.

Jeff always says erection, dude.

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So CP had an erection that lasted three months? Or was it four? ;)

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CP's site says the steel is supposed to be done by December, IIRC.

*no erection jokes here*

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I think it has lasted four months. I think we better call a doctor for help!

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I don't think we need to call the doctor. We didn't have to when M:TR's lasted 6 months. That was a good 6 months... ;)

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