X's days numbered?

The last time I was at SFMM was in 2003, and it wasnt running that reliably. Is it running any more reliably, or is it still a maintenance nightmare? WIth Shapiro's recent removal of many rides that are popular, but have high maintenance costs, do you think X is on the way out as well?
Considering they just bought new trains for it... I'd say no.
Considering it's that magnitude of a ride and only 6 years old.. I'd say no.
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Unless I heard wrong, I thought it was running better this year.

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X has been running at its best this season. The only real big foreseeable problem they have with the ride right now is the low hourly rider output.

With the confirmed new vehicles on the way to the park in the next few months and rumored redesign of the loading and unloading track sections and station platform, capacity should be improved a good amount.

^^Can't wait for next spring and marathoning on X with the new trains and improved loading!!

The question is...fly out to MM this month to hit up X one more time for old times sake....NAH! But I really am waiting for next spring or whenever it re-opens :)

With the confirmed new vehicles on the way to the park in the next few months and rumored redesign of the loading and unloading track sections and station platform

For as much crap as SFMM takes, it's good to hear that they are working hard to make this coaster viable.

I just hope the new trains work on X than on Eejanaika. I rode it today and it was horrible. I had an inside seat, 4th row and the thing just wanted to rip itself apart! Loading also was a mess. They had 4 areas with lockers on each side. They send 10 people to one, they lock their stuff and once the other riders are out of the station, you have to go to your seat. The fact that they have 3 seatbelts per seats to buckle and check means that they dispatched the one train every 6-7 minutes... So, it had a 2 hours and half wait in the afternoon. Luckily, I did it earlier with an hour wait.

Will the trains and loading procedures the same for X? *** Edited 10/3/2007 1:12:07 PM UTC by Absimilliard***

Hopefully the new trains work, along with any other improvements they plan on making to the ride. I'm really hoping that it works out because we all know what happened to Chiller after they put all that money into it. However, since X, unlike Chiller, is the park's star attraction, maybe SHapiro will give it a little more time than he gave Chiller. *** Edited 10/3/2007 1:50:57 PM UTC by Goliath Freak***
^^Not to mention that Chiller's biggest problems were electrical, design, and engineering!! While X's biggest problems are train weight, capacity, and maintenance...with the latter more due to the former!!

And while new trains are sort of the "next step" in the line of chances, so to speak, I feel good about this one!

I don't think X is a coaster they want to take down anytime soon. Why would you? So, it doesn't have the greatest trains. It runs two trains, and it works most of the time just like any other coaster. Why in the heck would you get rid of it?
^For the same reasons they got rid of at least one of the Deja Vu's.It wouldn't suprise me one bit if X's days,along with Batwing's are numbered.
^ How old are you BATWING FAN?
I wouldn't call X SFMM's star attraction. It was when it was built but they have the best Flyer ever in Tatsu now.
SFMM has so many "feature" attractions, I don't think one single ride defines the park. Some might suggest Goliath, Tatsu or even Superman or Revolution.

I'm thinking that Six Flags will invest some money in X to see if they can make it a better, more reliable attraction and if that doesn't pay dividends, it's going the way of the Dodo.

The trains are not the only problem with "X". The track is beginning to show the charecteristics of a mature Arrow coaster, and they don't age well.
Aha, another 'SFMM is gonna die soon' thread... :o)
You guys like them, don'tya!

Anyway, X seemed super fine the last time I saw it. It is rough, but the roughness imho is not due to the track but indeed the tuning of the vehicles.

X is not going to close any time soon if you ask me - not before they shut down Mean Streak at Cedar point! :o)

Looking forward to the new trains.
Any idea whether they will still arrive in 2007 so I can get on them with my current season pass?

airtime for everyone
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I kinda think of the new trains in the same way I look at the loopectomy of Sonny.

"Here's your last best chance to be a reliable fun ride that doesn't suck down maintenance dollars like they're going out of style"....

Of course, I think that X has had more of its issues resolved PRIOR to this last major overhaul...so it's probably got at least one leg up on Sonny... ;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I wonder how reliably the new 4th Dimension has been running in Japan. Anyone know?
The new one might run more reliably but it's a lot more rough.

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