X2 Transformation Update

I think that the lights and fog would be real cool at night, but during the day I don't see the hype. Hey at least it gives you a reason to wait 3 hours to ride it again.

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

Every time I have made the trip to Valencia, X had been closed. Kinda annoying!

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Ummm...yeah. That's why they're attempting this renovation. They're hoping the ride will be more reliable and open more often.
To be more specific, I read the hope was Memorial Day weekend for X2's re-opening...seems a little "spring" only by technicality to me....

Edit to also add the hope is for X2 to be eligible for Flash Passes now!! So no more 3 hour waits! (not that there were very many in '07 anyway...) *** Edited 2/8/2008 1:28:43 PM UTC by tigellinus***

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I think that the lights and fog would be real cool at night, but during the day I don't see the hype.

It's no different than any other coaster with a tunnel that operates during the day. Fog during the day is still fog...of course it will be a different experience.

I think what they are hoping for more than the effects is that these 3rd generation cars are indeed smoother and more comfortable...especially for the outward-most seats. And, of course, reliability.

I cant see why they wouldnt make X2 available for flash passes.

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I have to say, having lived in Boston for 5 years and ridden S:RoS SFNE about a hundred times, the rides with fog in the tunnels were far superior to the rides without fog. So much so, that I'd bump it down a few steps in my poll if they ever permanantly removed it.

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