X Maintenance Schedule?

I remember before X reopened recently it was always closed on Tuesday (I think) for maintenance. Since it has undergone a repair, does anyone know if it still closes on a regular schedule? Or, does it only close if there's a problem?

The reason I ask is I'm going to California on Thursday and have either a Monday or Tuesday to visit SFMM. If X is closed regardless on Tuesday, we'll go on Monday. But, if it is supposed to be open daily, we'd prefer to go on Tuesday.

Thanks to anyone who might know.

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I'm glad you started this topic. I'm in the same exact situation. Are you going to Spring Con as well?

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I don't know what Spring Con is, so no. A friend and I are just hitting up the four LA area parks - well, the big ones at least. I just didn't want to recreate "National Lampoon's Vacation" by showing up to Magic Mountain and having X be closed every Tuesday. I can't find anything about it though. So, I was getting a little nervous.
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You guys should know the drill by now...even if the ride is open daily now it's a temperamental SOB and there's no guarantee it'll be open when you visit. And according to Screamscape new trains might be coming soon.

NEVER plan a trip for the sole purpose of riding X.

I do know the drill. I even said that in my original post. But, I specifically asked if it was closed on a specific day all the time. I know when you go to any theme park, something could be closed because of a problem. But, if it is PLANNED to be closed, I want to avoid that day. It's quite simple actually.
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Visit SFMM with the assumption that X will be closed ;)
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I'm going to be in the greater San Jose / San Francisco area for a week. I have an extra day to spend and feel that since I live in Cleveland, it would be a waste of a West Coast trip if I didn't at least make an attempt at getting my X credit. Maybe even ride it a couple times. Plus I want to ride Tatsu.

halltd's original question still stands. Barring any unforseen problems, is there a set day that they perform maintenance? I will be able to make my trek from San Francisco on a Monday or Tuesday. Currently I'm planning on Tuesday.

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You're missing my point tho. Even if there WAS a set maintenenace schedule it means diddly squat. If X was closed every Tuesday and you visited Monday there is STILL a very good chance the ride would be closed.

My advice remains the same: plan to visit on the day that best fits you schedule. If X is open, all the better.

You seem to have missed the memo about not being a dick, moosh.

If you read the first post of the thread, you would've noticed that halltd can visit SFMM on either Monday or Tuesday. If there is no difference between visiting either day, and he wants to ride X, then it would make sense to visit on a day when the ride isn't *guaranteed* to be closed, no? Even if the ride is broken down 50% of the time, he'd still have a 50% chance of riding, versus 0% if he went on a "scheduled maintenance" day. It's a valid question to ask, there is no reason why you should keep trying to force your opinion down their throats.

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No, your missing the point, were tring to make the best attempt at riding it. If they do maintenance on Tuesdays, we have 0% chance of riding on tuesday and therefore I would rearrange my schedule and go to the park on Monday so that I would at least have a chance at riding it.

Though you say not to go to a park to ride one ride, that is exactly what my intentions are. I won't have time for much else. This is my first chance in 4 years to make another attempt. And it might be another 4 til my next chance. So there is nothing wrong with trying to increase my chances of success. Neither day affects my schedule in the least.

I'm not the kind of person who will have a hissy fit if a ride is down. I realize that if it is down, there is a good reason. I don't want to ride something that is not working right. If by chance it isn't opperating, I'll probably just go to Knotts and try again in another 4 years. That is of course, if Six Flags and/or Magic Mountain are still opperating then. ;)

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You seem to have missed the memo about not being a dick, moosh.

I'm not being a dick, I'm being realistic. I'm sorry if it came off that way. I'll happily offer different advice: they should visit the park on Monday. I truly hope they have excellent luck and get to ride X, it's quite a cool ride. ;)

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IMO this is a question that the park can answer.I would try calling or emailing the park.
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But in the past, SFMM stated specifically that X would NOT be running on....Wednesdays was it? Not really sure which day of the week it was, but they were clear about stating that you could *guarantee* the ride would be closed on the one specified day of the week. I believe what's being asked is..."is there a day that I should KNOW in advance to avoid"?

That's a totally different question from "If I go on Monday will you guarantee that the ride WILL be running"...and a very valid question, IMO. Just one that I don't have the answer to... ;)

There is NO specific day that X is scheduled for maintenance. I know they did that the first year or so on wednesdays.

Except last week when something was wrong with the lift and/or train, X has been running pretty much constantly. So expect to be able to get a ride on it

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AlexInLA said:

So expect to be able to get a ride on it

Famous last words while planning a coaster trip :)

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You could always do what I did on my last visit to SFMM...skip X altoghether and head straight for Tatsu!! ;)

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Mamoosh said:
If X is open, all the better.

Or all the worse, depending on your opinion of the ride. ;)

Nope, Moosh was right.

If X is open, all the better, because while everyone else is running for X, I'd be running for the better coaster, Tatsu! ;)

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Ahhh, always looking at the bright side, eh?

With SFMM, you'd better... ;)

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