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I don't think anyone is trying to hide anything. I think it's an example of the Press going overboard with a story that isn't there. Yes, this appears to be the Windseeker from Knott's, but in the story they say spokespeople from Worlds of Fun and Knott's confirmed this, but who? Usually they would quote who it was that said such a thing. I'm not saying that spokespeople from either park didn't confirm this, I just find it strange that they wouldn't site their source.

Yes, the Windseekers had issues, as we all know. As with any new ride type, there is bound to be some glitches, as most of us theme park enthusiasts know. It's the nature of the beast. So Cedar Fair was proactive and shut down all the Windseekers, not just those that were having technical issues and addressed the problem by installing evacuation platforms on all of them. Since they reopened, (with the exception of the one at Knott's) I have not heard of any issues, has anyone else?

The media sensationalism in the headline "Planned Worlds of Fun attraction has checkered past" makes it sound like something catastrophic occurred or that people were injured, which is not the case. Simply put, they got stuck and it inconvenienced park guests. Nothing more. It's been addressed.

I don't know for certain that SteelHawk is the Knott's former Windseeker. According to Screamscape, the Windseeker at Knott's has not reopened because Cal OSHA won't sign off on it, which makes no sense, as they others all were approved with the new evacuation platforms by their local authorities.

I do know, I will ride SteelHawk on opening day no matter where it is from, they are safe rides.

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KCForce1 said:

Usually they would quote who it was that said such a thing.

Anonymous informants are the bread and butter of news stories...even when the story is about an amusement park.

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