Woohoo Swamp Fox! (CBuzz 100)

... and Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk

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swampfoxer said:

Besides being just one of 5 (soon to be 6) seaside woodies left in the USA,

I can only think of 4:

Swamp Fox

Great White at Morey's

Giant Dipper SCBB

Giant Dipper Belmont Park

What one am I missing?

I am assuming the 6th one you are referring to is the GCI to be built at Morey's?

The 6th seaside woodie I was referring to was the hopeful relocation of the PCB Starliner. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Delan, I thought of including the Rye Dragon but I really don't consider it (IMO) in the category as "seaside woodie". Yes, the Long Island Sound does lead into the Atlantic, but I am going with the old school definition being along the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico.

It's very sad to think that at one times there were hundreds along these shores. But please don't ask me to name all those, lol :)

You can see 2 defunct Jersey Shore coasters in this 1940 aerial.

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Swamp Fox was one of my first coasters since I grew up going to MB about every summer. When I went to HRP back in '08 I made a side trip to FK just to ride it again. It had been 18 years since I rode it last. It was definitely rougher than what I remember. Then again, I have gotten a LOT older. ;)

Swamp Fox will always be dear to my heart, even if it's mostly for nostalgic reasons. That whole park has a lot of memories, along with the defunct Magic Harbour and Pavilion. I miss those as well as HRP. :(


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