Woohoo Swamp Fox! (CBuzz 100)

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I just realized my beloved Swamp Fox entered the Coasterbuzz 100 this week at 99 (tied).

I still don't think it gets the amount of attention it deserves, but it was nice to see it on the list.

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I've yet to experience Swamp Fox, but it is on my to-ride list.

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Swampfox is a good, solid ride. Other than a mid-ride spine-shortening pothole, I really enjoyed it.

need I say more with my screen name, lol.

Besides being just one of 5 (soon to be 6) seaside woodies left in the USA, Swamp Fox was my first major coaster (first rode in 1968) and is very sentimental to me. I've always loved this coaster and glad to see it mentioned here.

And you are correct tek, it doesn't get the recognition it deserves as a classic coaster. Heck, the darn things nearly 45 years old, withstood countless tropical storms, hurricanes (Hugo nearly destroyed it) and who can forget the tornado/waterspout that came ashore just 1/2 block from the coaster in 2001. The ole lady's been through a lot!

But best of all, the park owners have not sold out to the greedy developers who have tried unsuccessfully in years past to buy the property for condo/hotel development. Go ride it staticman! Night rides can be quite fun, especially when there's a good seabreeze blowing inland. Whoaaa on that third hill!

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That ride greatly benefits from night rides and I mean LATE night rides. It goes from being kind of mediocre IMO during the day to downright wild at night and I haven't even had the best rides on it according Clint. Try to go when you can ride it beyond 10pm.

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We only got one lap on it, but it was at 11:45 PM in the back row. It was a wild ride for sure. I look forward to getting back down there in the next season or two.

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Swamp Fox, on a humid evening, late at nite, in the back is amazing. Like Matt said, it's ho hum during the day (usually), but after running all day, with a full train, it's so much fun.

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Like I need any more excuses to visit the Carolinas. But, I think I could possibly maybe find some reason to take vacation this spring/summer and check it out. ;)

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Last two trips to Myrtle were "blow-thrus" without sufficient time to visit FK - one was specifically a last-chance visit to Pavilion before its demise, and the other was a blast-thru of the remnants of HRP (barely DBA as FMP as the time).

My recollection is that Swampy was one of, if not THE most aggressive of the John Allen rides. Should be noted I never got to ride the masterpeice at the original Elitch's. But the aggressive ride, as mentioned at night, with the salt air....Swampy is pretty spectacular.

Yea, I will agree with pretty much all of these posts. I finally got to ride it this past summer on vacation for the first time, and was really surprised by it, since I wasn't expecting much at all. And fortunately for me, I didn't get to the park until really late, so my rides were only at night. Family Kingdom itself is a neat little park, for a permanent carnival. I know Robb Alvey ripped it pretty bad on his video one year, but I found the place very neat and clean, and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Will definitely be going to back to MB next year, as it is way cheaper than Va Beach (which is sad, since I live in Virginia lol). So definitely some more Swamp Fox rides in store :)

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What's to rip? I thought the park was really nice, especially for kids; solid number of kiddie rides distributed all throughout, which made it fun for us adults as we didn't have to spend all our time in one area. I also loved how the antique car ride snaked around underneath Swamp Fox's turnaround.

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He complained that it was Ghetto and the park was dirty and built over an old parking lot. Granted, the side where the kiddie rides are was expanded into the parking lot, but I've never thought of the park as Ghetto or dirty.

They probably just wouldn't let him film POV, lol.

Edit: Speaking of ghetto, my grammar and spelling needed fixin'

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Nice. Different strokes, I guess. I mean, the park isn't IoA or anything, but 'ghetto' is a little extreme. Or Xtreme, as it were. Or Fahrenheit.

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swampfoxer said:

Besides being just one of 5 (soon to be 6) seaside woodies left in the USA,

I can only think of 4:

Swamp Fox

Great White at Morey's

Giant Dipper SCBB

Giant Dipper Belmont Park

What one am I missing?

I am assuming the 6th one you are referring to is the GCI to be built at Morey's?

KnoebelsGrand, I think the 5th one you're missing is Cyclone at Coney Island. Technically it's a block back from the beach/boardwalk, but it is basically seaside.

And Vater, I couldnt agree with you more. Even the part that was "expanded to the old parking lot" was still very well kept as far as I could tell. I really enjoyed the place, it is definitely MUCH better kept up than most, if not all, of the seaside parks on the Jersey Shore.

And btw, Family Kingdom has one of the best log flumes I have ever ridden, that first drop is VERY decieving; loved that ride:)

Oh, and isnt the Dania Beach Hurricane still operating in Florida? I could be wrong on that, didnt bother to check RCDB....

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It is, but it's definitely not a seaside woodie. It's a couple miles inland (just south of FLL).

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Heck, Cyclone is closer to the shore than swampfox is, LOL.

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How could I forget Cyclone?? I've ridden it, I love the thing, and it's even my profile picture. lol
I guess when I think seaside for whatever reason Coney Island doesn't even enter my mind. Morey's is the first thing I think of followed by the other Jersey shore parks. When I think of Coney Island, the first thing that comes to mind is NYC and how fast I can get the N train from Manhattan out to Brooklyn.

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....and Dragon at Rye Playland

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