winter maintenance for next season

CoasterDiscren: If you could get a hold of a copy of Euclid Beach is Closed for the Season, there's a fairly good chapter about off-season maint and pre-opening set-ups. Other than the types of rides, I imagine most procedures (at least their orders) are pretty much the same.

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^ Thanks. I will point out that I understand now, why this thread is not getting as much attention as I thought.

Most you guys have been around for so long and have taken up the coaster passion for so many years, which leads me to believe your efforts in typing up a response to this thread is useless since you all have the knowledge and common sense for the tasks involved with winter maintenance. If my peers and mayself new all about the off-season, I wouldn't want to spend time typing up a response either.

I catch your drift....;)

I'll leave this one up for another day to see what happens.........then, to the big garbage bin of crapy, no good, idiotic, amateur threads from the past....;)

All get a really good thread going one day. Not yet though.

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I'll mention something that doesn't get a lot of attention... year-round parks.

When I worked at Disneyland Paris on Space Mountain. The maintenance went like this: the ride has 6 trains and for 2 months each, the trains will get a complete rebuilding. As for the ride itself, the "big" work is done on a night shift, so maintenance is always working 24 hours a day on the ride. Twice a year, the ride was closed for 2 days when they changed the launch cable for the catapult. *** Edited 12/12/2006 12:46:48 AM UTC by Absimilliard***

Forcing yourself to come up with "really good threads" is probably not going to result in very many. Just chill. If you want to discuss something, then by all means go for it, but don't make a point of making threads to redeem yourself.
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^ Point taken.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
This is the first thing I thought of, and Batwing mentioned it above. Try this link.

Some pretty cool stuff for people wanting to know the basics.

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Yes there is a web site that tell all about Rides in there rehab an how thing work. Here's the web site - The Best Place to Learn about Roller Coasters and Amusement Rides!.

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^^ ^Cool site!

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Wolfhound said:

My knowledge isn't extensive on all areas

You said it Brian.. not me.. ;)

Don't worry, they're busy.

Ohh and how would you know that??? ;)

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Gary B said:
I am once again going to make my plea to the admin, Jeff. I love this page, this forum, and all the info here. I bet some would agree with me that 'some' posters are slowly becoming more aggressive at attacking others. And with each negative post they get away with, they become a little more bold. Please becareful, I don't wanna see this page end up full of sarcasim from people who can only bully others from behind a computer monitor.

I was trying my hardest to ignore this, but reading 2 topics later it STILL bothered me, so here goes:

there is a big difference between merely "attacking others" and trying to better the community. As for the 'some' poster you're referencing? He's not exactly a newbie. In fact, he is very wel-respected in the community.

Let me put it this way... your plea to Jeff would be like going to the President and telling him to reprimand an Admiral for making a private do pushups for something you thought was trivial.


Ultimately, it will result in a better armed forces because the crybaby whiners that shouldn't be there in the first place will leave. The ones who stick around will learn and move on. Same thing here on the buzz... The trolls will eventually get fed up and leave. The people who actually have something to add to the community will suck it up, learn, and actually turn into productive members of the group. Heck when I was new 2 years ago I wasn't exactly greeted with open arms at first. But rather than crying and calling people a bully, I took it in stride, and got to know a lot of people very well. Now I just wish I had the time to come here on a more regular basis.

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dannerman, you crack me up. So in your view some posters are higher ranking than others? Posh!! Some are more pompous than others but that is about all there is to it.

The kid asked what happens at parks during the off season and your "wel-respected" (sic) poster responded with a smart ass remark. So if that makes him more respected here then this site isn't as good as you would like to think. It was a reasonable question from someone looking to learn something from folks he thought had some knowlege to share. Granted, his writing style wasn't really smooth, but the request was genuine. To be bashed was wrong and crass and if Jeff doesn't have a double standard for wel-respected (sic) posters he would send a warning.

It's not a ranking, but more of a status that someone obtains from being experienced, knowledgable, and well-known (not to mention a very nice, hospitable person as long as you're not trolling around).

Did you completely miss the admiral analogy?

Further, why is it always assumed to be bashing or attacking? It could have been joking around. Or it could have been the admiral asking for 20 pushups. There doesn't have to be a why. Just a heads up to let you know what you did wasn't right. There's no malice, and the admiral doesn't care -WHO- it is.

If I crack you up, fine - I give you about a year before you give up on the site and either stop coming back or at the very least stop posting. Either way, it's not going to hurt the community to lose a troll.

Oh, another point.. neither myself nor the person who made the supposedly bashing comment ever said it wasn't a valid question or topic. You and some others assume too much, and quite possibly take things a little too personal.

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"

It was a cruel and hurtful comment and any objective person could tell the spirit of the comment. I guess, in your opinion, it is OK to be cruel if you have "status."

So now you have labeled me a "troll." Name calling is always a good way to try to silence those that criticize boorish behavior.

You contradict yourself in the post. You say that it was a valid topic and then say that it was OK to bash the kid to let him know what he did wasn't right. How is posting a valid topic not right?

Lastly, I have already been here for over a year. I have found most of the folks polite and willing to share information. A small percentage of the posters are pompous elitists. I guess I will have to wade through the latter to communicate with the former. *** Edited 12/28/2006 2:24:28 PM UTC by depotrat***

If you're real, real, good and behave yourself, you might get the hidden link to the secret Coasterbuzz handshake. Maybe even the .PDF page for printable cut-out ribbons and insignia to wear on your coaster shirts.

Nah. Just kidding. We'll never tell. And don't even think of asking for the official pancake and waffle batter recipe. DAMMIT I've said too much! *runs*

-CAPTAIN Obvious

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

First, stop assuming and read what I've written and not what you think I said.. I never called you a troll.. there was an "if" qualifier. Now if you're going to admit to being one, that's on you - not me. Please don't put words in my mouth, thank you.

Second, I did not contradict myself.. the "did something wrong" isn't always the topic that was written but sometimes the way in which it was written (i.e. topic wasn't fully thought out, or was full of more-than-just-an-accidental-typo spelling mistakes easily corrected by a spell check, no easy research done like a simple search here for previous topics, etc.). Once again, stop assuming so much or you're liable to commit that which you are criticising others of doing.

Third, "any objective person" would still have to ASSUME what was meant by the other poster, and in an online medium those assumptions are frequently WRONG because you don't have other information like tone of voice, body language, or even the frame of mind that the poster was in when he made the comment. It's too easy to take everything as a personal attack, and more often than not, it's not personal. I'll admit I struggled with that when I was new. Again, I refer back to the Admiral example.. he doesn't care who the private is and probably won't even remember giving him the pushups an hour later, but the private will likely remember, and (falsely) take it personal like the admiral is being hard on him and/or targetting him when that just isn't true.

Lastly, it's almost the duty of the long-standing, well-respected, experienced, knowledgable members (mod or not) to uphold those standards so the level of quality doesn't deteriorate. It's like a coasterbuzz life cycle... everything is going along fine, then (usually around november when most areas are in offseason mode) a new batch of n00bs (ack it hurt to type that) will come along, we'll have a thread or two quote the TOS due to a vs thread and blatant use of shorthand/misspellings, an inevitable complaint on ads/popups, a plea that we're too hard on the new kids, and a troll who fries himself by creating several alter egos. The community lives on, sans trolls, and the quality of discussion when the dust settles is still there. Why? Because we care, and we don't let it go. The non-trolls who learn and accept that go on to be productive members of the group. Those who don't drift away into obscurity (or get banned).

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I just got a new computer so I have not been on coaster buzz for a couple of weeks, but this has beeen brought to my attention.

Most of the time I hang my head around here hoping that my responses and new topics are takin in with constructed criticism and not bashful thinking. When you say that you wont last a year, or are trolling around. Do you realize how arrogant and rude that sounds to people sitting on another computer reading your post. That's all I have to say about that. I don't understand why people are trolls, when new members are trying to learn the ropes. Nice way to control the amateurs.

I am not trying to light anymore fires, but when the crew came back form boo buzz at the end of october and the fifty minute pod cast was released I found some of the comments said during the recording suprising. Others know what I am talking about.

I started this thread for some information on winter maintenance bacause I have not one clue about the tasks involved for pre-season preperation. "It is upsetting" to be crapped on just because someone wants to look cool for a day. You also say it could be a joke. Well, how do "you" think that comes across when I have no idea who you are and I'm trying make some friends.

Thank you for your kindness depotrot

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I am not trying to light anymore fires, but when the crew came back form boo buzz at the end of october and the fifty minute pod cast was released I found some of the comments said during the recording suprising. Others know what I am talking about.

And that podcast has been one of the most well received and popular podcasts we've done outside of the 'special guest' ones.

Go figure.

(Maybe you could clarify what was so 'surprising' in that one? And "it was actually listenable" doesn't count. ;) )

coasterdiscern, please don't take this as an attack on you because it is not meant as one... let me try to spell this out for you:

we (or at least I... I can't speak for anyone else but knowing a lot of the regulars as well as I do I think this is corect) DO NOT HATE YOU. Stop taking everything so darn personal.

Further, it was only one, one-liner comment that everyone (newish) got all bent out of shape about, and unless you're looking for it to be a personal attack, it can easily be viewed as a joke or at the very worst an atempt to weed out a lazy student trying to get us to do your research project. If that wasn't true, shrug it off and move on to the meaningful discussion. Just like the pushups.. A good soldier would do the ups and strive to improve - not whine to the other soldiers that it's not fair/polite/etc. Also, consider this: if it were a personal attack, wouldn't it have been followed up by the alleged attacker and not just left at the one line comment?

Also, that comment of mine you mentioned wasn't directed at you, coasterdiscern. It wasn't even really directed at depotrat. My apologies if you thought it was directed at you. It was directed, in a general sense, to anyone who takes things so personal and refuses to see things any other way than a personal attack. If that fits you, then I must have a wrong impression of you so far because you seem reasonable and receptive on feedback.

Speaking of feedback, here's some legitimate constructive feedback for terms of the original topic, there are other previous threads on the topic (someone brings it up every year) and although the search function isn't the graetest, it still would be a useful place to start. After doing that, if you still have further questions you can mention what you've found in your thread and ask for more information. This will garner a MUCH better response from everyone because it shows you're genuinely interested and put some effort in, and not just another high school kid wanting us to do your research project (there have been quite a few of those!)

Even better, if/when you find a previous topic on offseason maintenance and still have questions, instead of creating a completely new topic, continue the old one and ask the questions there. This will give a frame of reference for the newer users and make for a good read for everyone. It doesn't matter if you start the topic. There's a good reason cbuzz doesn't rank your post/topic count like most forums.

How's that for constructive feedback on becomming a better member of the community? :) I sincerely hope this helps eliminate this from happening again in the future (at least as much until the next batch rolls in ;) )

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
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Sometimes I can get a little upset from the comments and replies I recieve, but hay, thats life right. I would be a big puss If I cried about things all the time.

I actually was wondring why my topic had come back alive again and why cloudy showers were stirring. Interesting!

I also know that people cry about the same winning things all the time. He is to hard on me, I can't take the bad comments and this and that. Those people should not be here and we would all agree. I call this the fire ball. Everytime I read someone crying or boo hooing I yell fire ball. It's a big ball of angry fire that never does anything. Nobody cares, feels bad, feels sorry for that person, nothing. It is actually pretty funny.
Suck it up butter cups.

I might not agree with the things people have said to me and it may have pissed me right off with unwanted comments, tough, I'll deal with it. Sadly enough this place is like my little Internet home. LAUGH and I "will" reach through the computer and bit your eyebrow off. :)

Keep rockin, I'm a big boy.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
Can I laugh just for the sole purpose of seeing someone come through the screen like out of a low-budget sci-fi movie? :)
j/k of course.... although it WOULD be interesting to see since I'm primarily using a T-Mobile Dash to read the forums, and the screen is considerably smaller than my 19" monitor for my desktop.. not to mention you'd travel over the GPRS/EDGE network wirelessly to get here. :)

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