winter maintenance for next season

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What kinds of things will be worked on to get ready for the 07 season? Trains, track, inspections etc.

Looking for a little bit of info from everyone about all the required tasks involved when preparing for the upcoming season. I think this would be a very informative and appreciated thread for all. I can benefit from this kind of thread since I have absolutely no idea of the jobs that are in place for this. I also forgot that it does not have to only include the thrill rides, this can be the whole park in general. Anything would be good.

Hope you guys can give me my "first" solid thread.

Thanks, and merry christmas. ;)

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Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
Maybe if you rode a coaster first, then we may tell you how we fix them.
Well obviously Voyager at holiday world is being retracked.

I think i remeber seeing a link on the forum of the thread of the voyager thing that had a company on there that was doing a bunch of stuff if you look at their website.

Also this is irrelevant to next year but shiekra and Gwazi are getting new trains each. I forgot which trains Gwazi are getting but i know shiekra is getting floorless ones like Griffon. I know unfortunaltley python got taken down this year at Bucsh gardens. I only know this because of all the time i spend there

Any info on what's replacing Python?
Freeze at SFoT is getting worked on, but it's been getting worked on for a while now.

From what I've heard, Wildcatter at SFoT might be coming down, but I'm not too sure.

Also, the ampitheater at SFoT is having some work done on it for the new show opening next year.

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Audioslaved said:
Well obviously Voyager at holiday world is being retracked.

"Voyage", not "Voyager". The woodie in Indiana has nothing to do with a short-lived Star Trek show.

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I think this would be a very informative and appreciated thread for all.

Lemme guess: you're writing on off-season coaster maintenance for school?

Most parks do a capital improvement plan every year. such as new bolts and nuts. Some parks paint rides and get new stuff in, like new benches and food stands. most parks would take down a old ride and put a new on in. Put new sign's up and just make sure the park is ready for the next year.

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That above list is all r/m (repair and maintenence items,) not captial. You make it sound easy.
Oh sorry yah that was a typo.

A kids ampetheater and some kids stuff is replacing python. They are doing renovations near around that area. Adding some shops and stuff. I think it was all on screamscape. They are going to renovate the Congo area like they did to StanleyVille a year ago. Hope that helps

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There is more information out there then that.

I watched a TV program a while back on a company that makes coaster trains, and the host was describing how his trains are manufactured in this company. Designed, welded, tested I mean everthing. He also explained that when his trains have been used and abused for a full season, that they are returned for some extra care. What kinds of things are happening to the trains? Are they profiling, adjusting, fixing seats etc.

I'm not writing a school essay. Please, if you want to come on my thread to shoot your mouth off, do it somewhere else. Don't waste my time. Put the big ego's aside for a day and apply some decent information, that is all I am asking.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.

GregLeg said:

Audioslaved said:
Well obviously Voyager at holiday world is being retracked.

"Voyage", not "Voyager". The woodie in Indiana has nothing to do with a short-lived Star Trek show.

Voyager ran for a full seven seasons, just as long as Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. ;)

The trains undergo the repairs you would expect a train to undergo. It isn't rocket science.
Didn't coasterquest have a full page devoted to off season coaster/park maintenance? I'm not sure if that site is even around anymore but it was a somewhat decent source for info on the mechanical aspects of amusement rides.
Well it may be rocket science to someone who doesn't know. Besides I'll put money on the idea that several who think they DO know, really don't know it all.

My knowledge isn't extensive on all areas, but what I do know is as far as coaster steel trains, absolutely everything is disassembled and examined. Anything that needs replaced is and then is rebuilt. Wooden coaster trains and small steel (such as mine trains and wild mice) also usually have their trains removed from the track and are examined very closely if not also taken apart.

I BELIEVE the track itself is examined also for any problems. Bolts are tightned up and retracking on the woodies is done as needed (keep in mind boards are also replaced on the woodies on a daily basis during normal operation as needed).

Beyond the coasters, flat rides go through a similar procedure making it appear as if the parks is full of ride skeletons during the off season.

Lastly there's work on anything else around the park that couldn't be done during normal operation (light replacement, speakers and soundsystems are fixed or replaced, paving work or painting if necessary, etc.). Just imagine anything that does not NEED to be done for a day of operation or may take more than a few hours to do.

I know there is even more or more detail that what I mentioned here, but that should give you a start on what is done. Oh of course too, this doesn't include all the extra work happening for a ride removal or ride addition :). Don't worry, they're busy.


I remember watching on the travel channel when they were talking about Sea World that once every year they disassembled the train and sent it to the manufacturer(Bolliger and Mabillard). I think thats what they said anyone else see this and know if this was right?
CoasterDiscern ,

I love the subject! I am once again going to make my plea to the admin, Jeff. I love this page, this forum, and all the info here. I bet some would agree with me that 'some' posters are slowly becoming more aggressive at attacking others. And with each negative post they get away with, they become a little more bold. Please becareful, I don't wanna see this page end up full of sarcasim from people who can only bully others from behind a computer monitor.

Now, on to my own input about the subject. I was at Hershey Park Christmas Candylane and while on some rides I was able to notice a few things. On both Comet and StormRunner the Trains were not anywhere to be found. Where do they go with the trains during the winter? Any input would be appreciated!

gary b
The trains were either currently being overhauled or being stored elsewhere in the park.

Cedar Point's blog had some great entries last winter about what they do. Here is the second entry from a series of five off-season articles.

That should be all the information anyone needs regarding the exciting winter happenings of an amusement park.

Generally the trains are taken to maintenance warehouses where they can be worked on relative warmth as compared to outside. Normally they are not sent back to B&M or other manufacturers as that would be too expensive. However, it is common I know to at least find someone from B&M or GCI there for some time in the first few years of operation to help with the train disassembly/assembly.


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Thanks guys! See, for me that is all useful information. I did not know all of that info you guys provided me with. AWSOME! Gregleg, don't you worry one bit buddy, cause it is pretty bad we can't come on here and meet some new people and make new friends. This really is the number one coaster enthusiast site on the planet, and it has members who us and abuse it like cheap champaign.

I thought this would be a good topic since all the maintenance guys are hard at work out there, and getting the rides ready for "US".

I would love to see a thread started, dedicated to, "what makes you a true coaster enthusiast". The answers would be astonishing and suprising.

Thanks again guys.

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.

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