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Just curious if anyone has been on Windseeker at Cedar Point lately. I have been reading bad things about the ride breaking down, and I am wondering if it is worth even getting in line. I have seen people stuck on top of drop towers, and rides like that, but would not want to be stuck up there all day, as I once saw on Giant drop at Great America.

I also saw video of that new tower swing in Texas. Holy Crap! it looks even worse than Wind Seeker as the cars are suspended by regular chains, and twist and turn in the breeze. Looks absolutely terrifying.

Though I think windseeker would be tamer, and also looks more secure, then the 400 foot Texas ride. Which I would NOT go on. Well maybe, if I was greatly strapped in, or given a parachute. Just in case.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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I rode the one at Kings Island, and the line was only one cycle long, so it is probably worth getting in line. All the Cedar Fair parks now have a contraption that can rescue people from the ride should they get stuck on it, and getting stuck on a Windseeker is a very rare occurrence anyways, so I think your safe.

I've never rode the kind with chains, but I bet I'd be freaked the "H" out, just like when I ride flying eagle rides with the sails.

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I think flying scooter rides would be cooler if they were also on a tower. Not so much, 300 feet, but going up maybe 50 feet or so, would make them very cool, maybe even have one where the ride goes up and down the tower a few times while the ride revolves. That would be fun! fun! fun!

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Ride Windseeker at 9:00 pm after your 8:50 Gatekeeper ride. That's when all the suckers are stuck at luministity (or however it's spelled) and Millenium Force. After Windseeker, get to the back of the park and ride Maverick last. It's the best night ride at the park.

Timber-Rider said:

That would be fun! fun! fun!

But what if daddy takes the T-Bird away? :(

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I rode the ride that RCMAC linked to at Dollywood, and it was not fun at all. It was an uncontrollable snoozefest.

You gotta know how to fly, LK. When my Dollywood ride came to an end the elderly gentleman had to come over and stop my car from swinging. He was none too happy...

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I've ridden it a few times at Cedar Point, it's running fine. Well actually, one time I got in line, and had my number and whatnot and the train was coming down and it got stuck about 20 feet off the ground. It was probably in May? We just got out of line, the sign went up that it was closed anyway. Not risking that haha.

Cp actually doesn't have the contraption thing installed really. It's lying on it's side on wood blocks still wrapped in plastic behind the stage thing.

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I've seen it up any time it hasn't been uber-windy. And so what, the line is rarely that long anyway.

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I actually have been stuck on a ride before. My friend Paul and I were stuck on top of Demon Drop for about 45 minutes, in the drop section. We ascended the tower, and it rolled out into the drop section and acted like it was going to drop, and just stayed there.

We watched as this employee came flying up the stairs, and he was up there the whole time talking to us. We asked what was wrong, and he said that the car ahead of us had a wheel that looked like it was coming loose, and they had to remove it, for inspection. As soon as that was done, we would be dropped.

The girl that was with the guy seated next to us, was freaking out, and wanted to get off. But the exits to the car were in mid air, and the employee told us, that the only way out was down. And, that we would have to stay seated, until the ride was over. But, we shouldn't have to worry.

At any rate they dropped us, and my friend Paul got off the ride and kissed the ground. I think they had to get the girl a glass of water, and keep an eye on her, as she looked like she was going to faint. I actually thought it was pretty cool, and wanted to ride it again!! But, my friend said, if I went back on, I was going on alone.

Though, when I went to get back on, the same guy was at the gate, saying, sorry dude, the ride is down for the rest of the day. Darn! But, once they built Power Tower, it kind of became obsolete. I rode both sides of Power tower, and loved the blast side. Though, I did not like the drop side, it was just too intense, even worse than giant drop at Great America.

Granted, when I got off from the drop side of power tower, I was pretty queasy, and to add to that, some girl came flying by me, and hurled up her lunch about 3 feet from me, as I was going out the exit, with others holding their mouths as they walked by, and when I found my brother, who did not want to ride, he was laughing at me.

"yeah..that's why I passed." Is what my brother said about power tower. "I don't want to wear my lunch all day." I had to lay down on a bench after that, and was very dizzy.

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It appears that all of the Windseekers are up and running with the exception of the one at Knotts. Rumblings are that the State of California doesn't like the rescue basket, and won't sign off on it until Mondial and/or Knotts fixes the ride so that the use said basket is not necessary except in what they (DOSH) terms a extreme situation.

Wow California...just send it to Dorney. Seems like they're often cycling practically empty anyway.

The Windseeker is nothing. It looks WAayyyyyy worse than it is. It's actually even less fun now that the cars don't swing forward and backwards. They added those shock absorbers on them to prevent the swaying and hitting other cars...but that made it have the appearance of danger and excitement ;-)

It's still fun. It's like a high carousel ride to me. I ride the carousel every time I go to an amusement park and a Windseeker. CP's is surprisingly way more fun to me though being on the lake and what not. Kings Island just doesn't have the same "Wow" factor when up in the air...Still fun though.

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On my last trip to Cedar Point, we were able to get the last ride before it was closed due to high winds. Those winds were very noticeable 300 feet up, and I felt like it was the most exciting and enjoyable ride I've taken on it. Too bad it technically wasn't supposed to operate in those conditions...

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RollerCoasterGod said:

It's actually even less fun now that the cars don't swing forward and backwards. They added those shock absorbers on them to prevent the swaying and hitting other cars...but that made it have the appearance of danger and excitement ;-)

The KI one was swinging backwards and forwards when I rode it in May. It was windy and I didn't like it at all, kept thinking the seat in front was going to hit my knees.

The KD one was not swinging and was rather boring; the nice refreshing breeze in the hot sun was the best bit.

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So if it's swinging, you don't like it. But, if it isn't, your bored? I guess they're right. You just can't please some people. :-)

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My guess is, that there must have been leg injuries on the ride, for them to feel that they need to keep the cars from swinging. It, almost seems like no thought was put into this ride, other than making the tallest swing rides in the world. It seems to me they should have got all of the bugs out, before they brought them into the parks. Park guests are being used more and more like guinea pigs then ever. Well, if someone gets hurt, we'll just have to modify, and hope someone doesn't get hurt again. Gee.

When I was at MA, they changed the rider policy, so that adults had to ride alone, as the ride is already damaged. Mainly to the sails, that guide the cars, being bent, and the paint coming off. It seemed to ride the same to me, no matter how the cars were loaded.

Now, I am reading about the modifying of the restraints on Gatekeeper. Not, that it seems as big as a problem as Windseeker seems to have. But, I guess I will find out when I go to the park next week. Gatekeeper better not be closed, or I will be greatly angry!

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