Windjammer continues to fall at Knott's

Posted | Contributed by Karl DeAngelo

Windjammer is coming down quickly. This past week both loops were removed and some track before and after the first block brakes. Wipeout has begun to be re-assembled in its new location by the Sky Cabin.

Link: Twisted Rails

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Oh wow it's so sad that it had to end this way... but in the end, we'll be happy it's gone and 100% better thrills*

*we hope... hehe
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This is no way nearly related to the construction, but since the parachute drop was closed from the viewing tower, and only the viewing tower part of the ride remains, why do they still have the supports coming off the top of the tower that held the parachute ride? i just dont know the reason to have kept them, unless its completely a structual support reason.
The parachute supports are coming down soon. That's what Jack told a group of us last week.
wont miss Windjammer

R.I.P Piece of crap
Word on the street is the replacement coaster will have overbanked turns, and Intamin hydraulic launch, and hypercoaster style trains. Anyone else heard more?
I heard that since Knott's has always had a type of racing coaster in that spot there will be another racing coaster. *** This post was edited by Monto58 on 8/6/2001. ***
Well I just hope that Knotts stays away Togo from now on.
I'm really missing the Wacky Soap Box Racers!
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Let hope everyone stays away from togo.

You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye.
Well, I would like to say that I hope this coaster went to coaster h-e-double hockey sticks.
Join CRAMB (Coaster Rider's Against Markey's Bill) today.
I'm not excited about the deconstruction of Windjammer since all Knott's is getting is a Thrill Shot ride. I was praying for a hyper, oh well.
Boy, is SFMM 4Ever going to be pleasantly surprised! hee hee hee!
Yeah BaSSiStiSt, SFMM 4 Ever is in for a real treat. SFMM 4 Ever, where have you been? Knott's VertiGo, not Thrill Shot, but same type of ride will be in the Haunted Shack's old spot and will be built this year. Hopefully, it will be themed to fit into Ghost Town. That leaves an empty spot in the corner of the Boardwalk where a new coaster will stand by next year. You should be excited about WindJammer's deconstruction because its replacement is suppose to be a coaster by Intamin and one we've never seen before. As for the hyper, Knott's will get one in the coming years, but for next year, it's something really special. *** This post was edited by DLJ2stay on 8/6/2001. ***
I am starting to think that Knotts is getting a launched hyper. I hate to start or continue rumors, but I am starting to think so.
Actually, the base from this is that I saw blueprints for the coaster briefly last week. All that I was able to make out was a long straightaway from the station, giving me the impression that it will be launched, or be the most boring coaster ever. :)
Anyway, nice to see the deconstruction of Windjammer making some progress.

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That's a bit sad they're removing that ride. When I was there around X-Mas time 99' my lil sister and my cousin rode that ride until Knotts closed. I can only handle one inversion at a time.

Still, that's my little sister and my little cousin. They could ride it all they want, but hey i have other places to go...
Yep, I heard that they will continue with the racing theme and theme it to drag racing.

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Wouldn't it suck if the new intamin is just Deja vu? I would cry if knott's got that. I wouldn't if they got a X. Anyway, I think intamin has and inverted hypercoaster in mind for knott's. Is anything like that around?
why would they get a dejavu, they already have a boomerang.also, dejavu is made by vekoma not imatin. and they shouldn't build another X in L.A., they should build one on the east coast, that is, if X works out. also, i've never heard of a inverted hyper. im pretty sure its gonna be a launched hyper if the theme is a drag racing theme. plus, knotts needs a hyper, better yet, they should build a giga coaster. but they really need an inverted coaster. they should try that arrowbatic, or the new Imatin inverted. They should ether get a imatin hyper, arrowbatic(i would love to have one of those in L.A.), but im pretty sure there getting a launched hyper IF they are having a drag racing theme. if they aren't having a drag racing theme then they are probably gonna get the imatin inverted or arrowbatic. i think it would be really cool if they got an arrowbatic(cause L.A. already has a hyper, but not an arrowbatic). have u guys seen the layout on the arrowbatic, its really cool.
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SFMM04: It's not a launched hyper. While Jack Falfas has claimed he wants a hyper for the park the 2002 coaster is NOT it. Sorry.

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