Windjammer continues to fall at Knott's

Posted | Contributed by Karl DeAngelo

Windjammer is coming down quickly. This past week both loops were removed and some track before and after the first block brakes. Wipeout has begun to be re-assembled in its new location by the Sky Cabin.

Link: Twisted Rails

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The space in KBF that used to belong to Windjammer is not large enough for a hyper, launched or otherwise, what they could build there is a medium sized inverted coaster, maybe the size of Talon or larger. Does anyone know if Tornado, Intamin's inverted is any good or not?

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SFMM Salvi: It's not inverted, it's a sit down. Be patient everyone...the park will announce it soon enough.
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SFMM 04 you must understand that Six Flags and Cedar Fair are two different companies, so just because they have one X in LA, it doesn't help Cedar Fair. Also if I were Arrow Dynamics, I would care who wants a 4D, as long as I can sell as many as I can

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they should get an arrowbatic, it dosen't take up too much space. but, well just have to wait and see.
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There's no use saying "they should get..." since the new coaster is a done deal. The park already knows what's going in the spot of Windjammer.
Mamoosh said its not inverted, and someone else said that there gonna continue the racing theme, but this time it will be a drag racing theme, so it must be a launched coaster, but it cant be a shuttle loop, cause they already have one. but i really think i know what it is. there is a ride at Six Flags America called the jokers jinx and it takes up the same amount of space as a boomerang(go to and click on Six Flags America). it is really compact, it is launched. and the SFMM salvi said that there is not enough room for a hyper. and six flags st. louis has a launched coaster called Mr. Freeze, that wont take up to much room(check it out at, then click on six flags st. louis). so whatever they have, its launched, sit down. but the coasters are probably
1. Mr. Freeze
2. Jokers Jinx
it's a sad day when any coaster gets torn down, but hopefully, it will lead to bigger and better thrills.

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SFMM04: good guesses...but sadly wrong again. You're close, tho.
Just got back from Cali, where I went to Knott's. I got the tower on Supreme Scream looking right over the Con. Area....All I can say is that it won't be around for long!

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well then Mamoosh, what kind of coaster is it. it sounds like you know!!!!! why don't you tell us.
I just hope that KBF adds a good coaster to replace the Windjammer.

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