Will There Be Anymore New Themeparks In The Future With Better Rides?

Monday, June 6, 2005 9:32 PM
It would be cool if there was a themepark in the future with the all the new tallest fastest and longest roller coasters. Do you think there might be a chance?
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:33 PM
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:35 PM
Why not Peabody? Just like 10 different coasters like that.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:38 PM
Sure , if you have the capital, go ahead and get building! Whats the point of this thread?
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:40 PM
I was just wonder and i thought it would be cool to see it in the future. All i wanted was to see if that was a cool idea.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:44 PM
I'd like to see KK or TTD with inverted trains.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:45 PM
Cool? Sure. Worst business idea ever? You bet!
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:46 PM
What about a themepark with out any of that. Just some coasters?
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:48 PM
You want to know what a park in the future would be with certain rides?
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:49 PM
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:50 PM
Its an ever changing industry so im sure in time we will see some wild way out there rides. Take a look back at the evolution of these rides over the past 90 years and we went from 45ft high figure 8's to well over 400ft coasters. Just over the last 20 years the indusatry has advanced dramatically. Some of the best rides are no always the tallest.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:52 PM
Thats ture too. Like Gemini its not that tall and its good.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:54 PM
Believe it or not a theme park is an experience. Most people(not enthusiast) go for an overall experience. We call these people(guest) the general public and thats who a park wants to attract. I dont think they would ever eliminate the experience of a "family friendly" theme park.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:55 PM
I know what your saying though. And With such an industry anything is possible.
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:57 PM
Thanks nickpa610. So what do u think cedar point well get next roller coaster or, thrill ride?
Monday, June 6, 2005 9:59 PM
I could see ttd or kk as inverts in the future. Its an outrageous idea but i could see it. 5 years ago, everyone thought it would be years and years before we topped mf. And it really didnt take long to break that 400 ft level.
Monday, June 6, 2005 10:00 PM
Sweet soon it will be 600ft!
Monday, June 6, 2005 10:01 PM
Im sure they will try to break some kind of record in the next few years.
Monday, June 6, 2005 10:02 PM
Monday, June 6, 2005 10:14 PM
There WILL be a new themepark in the very new future that's coming to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

It's not going to be a HUGE themepark by any means. Hell, it's only going to be around 30 acres, but it will have up to 20 rides including a 175' ferris wheel with indoor cabins (year-round), 2 coasters (75' & 101' tall respectively), and a number of flats.

...according to details, they will be refraining from a tacky "carnival" look to the rides, so they will be more sophicated to bring in the tourists & guests to visit the park & want to ride them, so I'm sure whatever manufactures they choose, the rides will be a lot more original than those found at your every-day typical amusement park.
...it may not be biggest, but they probably will be aiming for quality. The coasters would most likely (just assuming) be original layouts custom fit for the park that could very well be a lot more exciting than any "tallest/fastest" rides out there.

Just wait until Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer... we'll see who really thinks "tallest/fastest" will dominate record books (ie: Great Adventure's new wooden).


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