Will gas prices have a impact on the parks?

I know people who spend about 25-30 dollars a week at places like Starbucks. That's almost 10 gallons worth of regular right there.

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It's true that people buy gas "in bulk" compared to buying a gallon of milk at a time, but it's not like this is something new. People have always purchased gas that way- I don't know anyone that regularly puts a gallon at a time in their car.
You never met my father. :) He lived in a perpetual state of "top it off." When he was retired, he'd put gas in his car twice a week. Other than driving to the gas station to b.s. with the other codgers, he didn't go that many places.
^LOL, sounds like my dad, RGB. Did he ever say: Well it runs better when it's full.

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Well, gas just hit $3.59 out near me now. Before you know it, it will be $4.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

You're driving your family of four 1400 miles to get to Disney World and back. That means you'll be burning 70 gallons of gas at 20 mpg. The gas is now 18.5 cents more expensive than it was last year. Let's go ahead and round that UP to 20 cents. So, we burn 70 gallons and each gallon costs 20 cents more than it cost last year. That's going to cost you an amazing $14.00.

Sounds like you need to move. Our gas prices have fallen the last couple of weeks and are now under $3 a gallon. Before you know it, it will be down to $2.50. ;)

Yeah is Good!
Crazy Horse lives in a bad part of the country as far as gas prices go. If I do wind up going to BGE tommorow, I'll make sure to put in some more of that ultra-cheap Virginia gas:)
Here in NJ gas isn't too bad it's hovering around 2.95. Where are you living by the way crazy horse California?
See how conditioned we've become--- a few years ago, did anyone ever think they'd say that a price of $2.95 a gallon "isn't too bad?"

I even caught myself when I told the people in my office that I saw a place selling gas for "only" $2.79-- instead of the $2.85-2.89 everyone else was selling it for at the time.

OP AWESOME, you can click on the link under each of our screen names to get more information on each person (some people provide more information than others, such as a picture as well). So anyway, Crazy Horse lives in Shelby Towship, MI.
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Shelby Towship, MI? I find that rather odd... because less than 40 miles away in Detroit... wasn't gas down to around $1.85 back in January?

THAT is where you need to make the comparisons... From $1.85 to $3.60... nearly double the price.

^well said!
In Jaunary, we were paying about 1.95 here and loved it.

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Just a few weeks back my girl and I saw a Shell station out in Redwood City, CA, that was charging $4.02 a gallon.

In my neck of the woods here in Sacramento, we seem to flux between $3.20 & $3.60 on any given day. It won't slow us down much either. We’re driving all over the Midwest and East Coast for the next few weeks, and can't WAIT to see cheaper fuel prices out of state. We always get more bang for our buck when we head east, so its money well spent for us. It also means more money being spent inside the parks we visit.

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I guess everyone is right we really have been conditioned to handle it. I remember when it went to 1.50 I thought it was bad. Well anyway it hit 3.00 here in NJ today.
$1.12/Litre here.

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I remember seven years ago at one point there was a 60 cent per gallon difference in the price of gasoline being sold in Michigan and Ohio. It was actually cheaper for people in Detroit Michigan to go to Toledo, Ohio to buy their gas there! This went on for about 6 weeks, then the Govenor of Michigan ordered a Congressional Investigation on why the Oil Companies were charging so much for Michigan Gas. (Their "Sob Story" was Highway Construction by the Refineries in Detroit.) Then a News Report Leaked out that stated customers in Toledo were getting their Gasoline frome these same Refineries! Within 2 Weeks the price of gas went down 65 cents in Michigan!

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Thought I'd resurrect this one as it was left kind of dangling.

Here we are two and a half months later and gas never even came close to $4 a gallon near me. Heck, with a month to go before the kids get back to school (lots of park time still) gas in my neck of the woods is sitting around $2.50 (give or take a few pennies) - about a full dollar less than it was when this thread was current.

Gas prices didn't affect my summer travels one bit.

How's everyone else sitting at this point?

I pretty much have accepted gas prices being above 2 bucks a gallon.

It still sucks to fill up an Alero 4-cylinder with a 14 gallon tank and pay around $34.00.

In my neck of the woods here in Sarasota, Fl, it's now averaging $2.85 a gallon. I feel bad for the Chicago area where I just left where it has the highest gas prices in the nation. Still well over $3.00 a gallon.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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It has definitely kept me from driving as much as I would like to.

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