Wild Eagle's test run.

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Hm. Maybe I just made that part up.

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gamerguy said:
it looks like a typical B&M layout to me. i think the one at sfgam looks alot better! I will ride this in june at coastercon.

I was looking at both designs, and even thought X-flight has some cool elements, I think the Wild Eagle looks like it will be a better ride. The setting for Wild Eagle is very cool, and will be great when the trees fill in. From the looks of X-flight, it is not much differnt than Superman, as in, build ride now, and add scenery later. It also looks kind of short, where Eagle seems to have a pretty twisted finale.

I might make it to ride X-Flight as well. But, I am actually wishing I could go to Dollywood. It just looks so much nicer.

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