Why Is Magnum XL-200 So Rough

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Well I don't know what your wife is doing with 'em, but I find Magnums rather delicious.

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I've always thought they put Magnum in the wrong place at Cedar Point. They should have put it in Frontier Town and named it Bucking Bronco. Yee-Haw!

They put it in a great spot. Because of it being thin, it takes up limited space.

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Too bad it's sinking because it's near the beach.

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It is not near the beach. Wicked Twister is. I can tell because near Wicked Twister, it smells like the beach.

Tyler Boes said:

Because of it being thin, it takes up limited space.

So you and Maggie have a lot in common. When you gettin' hitched?

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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Tyler Boes said:
it smells like the beach.

But tastes like chicken!

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Actually it tastes like airtime.

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Hill 3 is still one of my favorite elements on any coaster I've been on. It's still a great ride in my book.

And my wife likes riding Magnum, too...

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

Wicked Twister tastes like ewoks according to Timber-Rider

How dare you speak so insensitively about your dad like that.

Last car, middle bench is the only way to ride.

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^ Agreed, although when it comes to riding 26 times in a row on Coasting For Kids day, the middle of the middle car is a more comfortable, re-ridable spot.

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I wont say that is the only way to ride for me, but that does seem like one of the better spots to ride Magnum.

I prefer last car, first bench (more leg room) and its in the same distance from true center as the "ejector seat" which I believe gives as good if not better air time then 1:3.

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I think it's hilarious that the first reply, from 2001, is exactly what I was going to post in 2013.

"It's old and it's an Arrow."

I have rode Arrow coasters in the past..... Magnum XL-200 is #1 in my book for Arrow. I just rode Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood last Christmas. Great coaster but waaay too short.

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Touchdown, I'll ride one of my favorite rides ever with you. I also prefer front seat, last car and it's been my go-to place on the train for years. I like the extra room, the extended assist bars, and the less obstructed view. The first drop is great and the airtime is just fine there, too.

I think Magnum's ride has remained consistent thru the years, and it was the smoothest coaster the park had until Millenium Force came along. Maybe Magnum's roughness is just enthusiast's perception when, subconsciously or not, comparing it to the Intamin ride.

^Well if you like me end up the last half hour the park is open marathoning Magnum (and occasionally, depending on the crew/time of year marathoning without getting off) odds are we have already shared a ride.

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Why would we do that if we like you?

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