Why Is Magnum XL-200 So Rough

Thanks for the info on transitions.  But I have to agree with Tocci and say that Magnum is not a rough ride, especially compared with any ride at PKI (except Top Gun, which Tocci noted).
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ok ok, what is PKI?
PKI = Paramount's Kings Island


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I would like to be the dissenting opinion here.  I don't think that "80's computer technology" has much to do with the roughness of Magnum.  Think about this:  Schwarzkopf made some really smooth-as-glass coasters in the 70s, long before Magnum.  At this point in time, the cimputers were VERY antiquated, even compared to the 80s.  They probably didn't use computers much at all, relying on lots of blueprints and lots of adding machines (aka calculators).  AutoCAD revolutionized engineering and architecture, but we still got a rough ride.  I feel the "problem" (depending on your opinion) is in the people, not the program.  When you have a team of folks who work on many projects, you get similar results, especially with the same leadership (Ron Toomer).  I strongly feel that computers of the 80s are not the problem.
So, were going to blame it on "wire-guy" again? lol ;)
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To put it simply, build an Arrow in RCT and you can clearly see how quick the transitions are. I think they used it in designing their early steelies! ;)

MagnumForce: Gemini does have upstops, but they're pads, not wheels! :)
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I noticed the drop seemed slow until you hit the bottom, and then bam the speed came in.  I wasn't really expecting it.  I also noticed the bottom of the second hill into the tunnel was very rough, but then again I am not that used to rough coasters.
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It's smoothe enough for me. I don't see at all what you guys talk about when you say it's rough, but maybe it's just because I enjoy it being so and don't really take notice. The turnaround is hilariously fun and I find it to be a ton more thrilling tham Steel Force for that and everything else it offers.

About the roughest: I'm from southwestern Ohio and we've got some big bad rough woodies in our neck of the tri-state, so maybe I've desensitized myself to the fact and can do them pretty much anywhere now! I get that's just better for me if I can stand, enjoy, and appreciate them.

Magnum did have the upstop plates and not wheels when it first opened in '89.
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Aside from the spot right off the top of the second hill,I really don't notice anything rough about it.

It's still the best coaster Cedar Point has to offer.:)

Some one is confusing an aggressive ride with a rough ride. Two different things.

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Perfect Explanation right there, Maggie is meant to rough you up, it's just the nature of the beast. It's massive airtime, not roughness.
Does CCI know how to make a bad coaster?
Oh no...a coaster is rough...lets close it down like Drachen Fire and let it sit a few years.  I like my coasters to be rough, as long as they don't leave me bleeding like FOF with OTSR.  Magnum is great for the first of a kind Arrow hyper, where as Morgan was the next step, then B&M make for smoother and faster, and finally Intamin perfected the coaster.  Just be glad Arrow hasn't decided to build a hyper woodie...OUCH!

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john peck said:
Anyone on this post who finds Magnum "rough" is using the wrong terminology.

Arrow, the people who literally invented the modern steel coaster have made their rides to track well, run smoothly and last for decades. Their design and welding methods have been very successful within the amusement, space and aviation industry.

However, the computer technology they were using in the Mid Eighties and early Nineties was a little off, so what you may find "rough" is an underdeveloped transition. The undercarriage design on many of their rides is also slightly underdeveloped for Arrow has the tendency to space their guide and upstop wheels further from the track rails.
So when the coaster makes a transition, the wheels will bang in that direction as they guide the train along its designed course.

Also, since Arrow trailer many of their trains, you will find a unique "shuffel" while trotting along the track.

So, in a nutshell, the rides are not "rough" , they have violent transitions.

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LOL - you may have explained WHY it's rough, but it's still rough. There's no doubt the Magnum was a rough coaster when i rode it this year (first time). It was not just the G's and lateral forces - although those hurt too with the lap bar. Especially compared to riding the similar Pepsi Max at Blackpool in it's first year which was pretty smooth. Arrow coasters seem to have a jarring roughness that i really dislike, vs woodies i can tolerate better - rode in the front on Mean Streak and really enjoyed it.

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Nuts! I read this thread hoping to learn more about metal detectors. Plus, everyone knows the reason why Magnum is so rough is because it keeps sinking.

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HamptonRoadsRider said:

LOL - you may have explained WHY it's rough, but it's still rough.

That was the original question.

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Magnum was 12 years old at the time of this thread which is also 12 years old. What a coinkydink.

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Magnum was designed to be a STEEL COASTER that gave a wooden type ride, Something it accomplishes in everything but rapid change of direction.

You wanna complain? Mean Streak is just back <<<<< that way.

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Oh my, looking back at what a young John Peck said. Too funny! Okay, if that's how you want to define it, fine by me. I was on it about 2 weeks ago, and yes, it's still pretty intense.

The reason why? Oh, let's say the trains aren't padded enough.

I was on a pretty intense ride Saturday night and she had plenty of padding in her seat. Oh wait, were talking about coasters aren't we.

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