Why does barf = "minor technical difficulties"?

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Barf, ralph, puke, vomit.
Minor or major problems?
Techincal or not?

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Carrie M. said:
Yeah, I have to agree with Gator. When a ride goes down for any reason, I'm pretty sure the general rule of thumb is not to promise (or even suggest) a designated amount of time for closure/reopening. Guests go from slightly put out to extremely angry when they make decisions based on information that ends up being wrong that way.

It's not that I don't see your point at all, SFMMAddict. It's just that I don't think it's actionable. Parks do what they have to do in any given situation. Your best bet, as has been suggested, is to gauge for yourself what is going on and stick around or not accordingly. Should everyone else leave the line and the delay is a short one, it's a win for you.

I too am in agreement with Gator on this one,case in point at KD this weekend when the monsoons hit the park around 7:30 pm or so & the ride ops had to announce that rides were shutting down.At least in this scenario the ride staff were willing to mention the fact that the delays were due to inclement weather,which of course they had no control over but did their best to get the rides up & running as soon as conditions permitted safe operations.

Ensign Smith said:
I hear they're covering Willie Nelson tunes over on the Pennsylvania Parks thread . . . ;)


...to all the puke I've tossed be-forrrrrrrrre

they got a bucket and spread it more,

You know i sing this song,

ate one too many footlong

to all the puke I've tossed be-forrrrrrrrre...

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Scoot, don't quit your day job! That was so bad, it NEARLY make me barf. :)

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