Who's Heard of a pretzel knot.

If I remember correctly, it was a reverse cable, similar to vekoma boomerangs. I could be wrong, but I think that was what I saw in a video years ago.

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Bent Cuban Eight....another *variation on the theme*...
Yep, slow reverse pull up. It was featured on a BBC coaster programme waaaay back in the 90s.
It wasn't a reverse pull, the train was pulled out of the station forward up the hill. The first drop and first time through the pretzel knot were taken backwards. The train then coasted up the other spike until it lost momentum and then coasted back down, there was no chain on the other side like the Vekoma models.
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^Yes. :)

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Yep, sorry, my mistake - ooposite action to a boomerang *blushes* What I should have said was backwards for the first half, forwards for the second. :)
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Wow. So there was no addition of energy on the other end? That must've been extremely intense the first time through backwards.

Did it valley ever?

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Bill, the bent cuban eight reminds me of the Dive loop dive loop combo on Riddler more then anything.

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^ I can see that...

But anyone who fails to see the marketing tie-ins between SFoT, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Bent (Mark) Cuban Eight, just hasn't been listening to my rants on the profitability of corporate sponsorship deals with pro sports franchises... :)

Oh, wait, SFoT is one of those parks that has been overly "gifted" in the past, can't we save their cap-ex budget and spend it on a SMALL park... SFKK sure could use an intamin launch... ;)

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