Which Six Flags should I go to?

I have a few days off here and I'm trying to decide if I want to go east or south this year. I live in southern indiana so either direction for is about the same. My question to everyone is go to Great Adventure and America or to Texas and I'll drive back to St.louis on the way home. Which Six Flags road trip?

Yes I know I should go to PA but due to the fact I'm on limited funds this year the SF Season Pass will get some work. If you have any other sugestions be glad to hear them. P.S. I go to HW everyday I'm off, so that won't work :)

It depends on your coaster prefference. If you haven't ridden Eltoro or Nitro yet,I would definitely hit Gradv, plus the rest of the coaster are great too.
Before you get the usual "skip evil Six Flags and go to Kennywood and Hershey instead" posts lol, I'll just chime in and say Six Flags over Texas is a wonderful park, and St.louis ain't bad either. Both are among the better SF parks I've been to.

However, if it's coasters that are the focal point of the trip, you'll be missing out on some of the top in the country if you choose Texas. I mean we're talking El Toro, Nitro, Superman, Wild One and Roar among others.

Have you been to Great Adventure before?

If you want better operations, head south. If you want better coasters, head east :)

Personally, I'm heading south in about a week and a half to hit the 2 SF parks in Texas and SWT. I live near SFA and within 3 hrs of SFGAdv, so I can speak for those 2. SFA's gem is the Wild One. Superman is good, but not as good as it used to be. Roar is decent, as well.

As far as SFGAdv, they have a great collection of coasters. Nitro & El Toro are the airtime machines, but don't miss The Chiller and Medusa, either. If you've been to SFGAm and CP, then Batman, Superman, and Kingda Ka won't be much new. But they do have probably the best coaster selection on the east coast.

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Well, let me just say, if you go south, you find yourself with TWO Mr. Freezes! ;)

But over-all, I'd go with SFGAdv. & SFGA.

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I've been to all of those Northeast parks and honestly, while Ride(s) of Steel are the next best thing to my hypothetical Anton hyper, I like the way I got *treated* in Texas. Like a guest. That's probably not something you care much about until you hit a certain age, but the hospitality at SFoT and SFFT (and *everyone* should go to Schlitterbahn!) is something special. St. Louis is also a really nice park, with possibly the best Sally-brand interactive ride in existence. And yes, the Freeze rides are *spectacular*. now that Chilla's lost the inlines, Freeze stands as the king of the shuttles...IMO.

I would NOT say "if you've done TTD, then Ka is nothing new". TTD is an amazingly tall, fast, short ride that will probably last quite a while. Thrill ride, but *stable*. Ka, on the other hand, is something that I truly believe I "survived". It's almost inevitable in my mind that it WILL eat more than just ALL the records. It will eat itself. I look at it like a bomb with a timer you can't see....

If you have NOT yet been to the Northeast, I can see the draw, and I would probably even do that first myself. But going South, that's something you'll want to do AGAIN, even after you have all the credits.. ;)

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I've been to three of those four parks and Over Texas would have to be my favorite among them. I would recommend going to SFOT and SFSL.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

Well, you kinda have a point, Gator. TTD and KK are really similar, but there are still differences. As far as the ride experience, TTD wins hands down for me. I do not like those OSTRs.

And for some reason, KK does that weird acceleration thing, where it feels like it's changing gears.

Time will tell how long they'll last, but it does seem that KK might tear itself apart more/faster than Dragster.

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I can only speak for the East option. Here's my 2-cents:
  • If you must visit SF Great Adventure on a sunny weekend, factor a Gold Q-bot into your budget. (For two guests: $110 + admission.) It's the only way to experience every coaster in one day. Skip it on rainy days and mid-week.
  • Consider driving a few extra miles to SF New England rather than SF America. It's a beautiful, well-run park. S:ROS is better here than other locations (tunnels, fog, more intense ride). And you don't need a Q-bot.
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rablat5 said:
If you want better operations, head south. If you want better coasters, head east :)

Thats what I would say too. SFOT was a nice park, even when really busy I still had a great time. SFGAdv has some amazing rides, but the crowd can get really bad, and nasty at times. I have been there twice, I had a great time once (it rained) and a bad time once. Still enjoyed the coasters both times though.

I lived in PA for 17 years. SFA is decent for it's size. I have never had a great day at SFGAdv.

I recently moved to lower WV. I've never been to the other parks you mention, but I wouldn't mind visiting them due to the nice comments people have given them ever since I've been here. I'm going to give them a shot some day.

Please keep in mind this year not alst year.

So far my experience at Great Adventure is that the service and ride ops are much better then years past.

The crowds starting in june through sept are gigantic though in Great Adventure.

Majortom, I wasn't there last year. We'll see once the crowds start to pick up how !!!super-amazing-terrific!!! the park is, but that another topic.

I guess I didn't mention SFA. It's decent. Wild One and ROAR are fun. Skull Mountain (TSC) is fun when it is open (I only rode it once in the half dozen times at the park). The ride ops generally suck.

Personally I'm going for one focal point Coasters! My priority in life is wood. Thank goodness I'm 20 min. from Holiday World. This is where I'm tore at is that I always grew up hearing about the Texas Giant. Since then we got Roar and El Toro. Really Boss isn't bad at St. Louis at all. I've been to St. Louis quite a few times and I really enjoy it there.

What I seem to get here is that the overall experience is better down south. Betters coasters the east. I'm just kinda blown away from what I'm hearing about Kingda Ka. KK that bad? Is it the bunny hop or just when it takes off? I thought TTD was spectacular. *** Edited 6/7/2007 6:58:25 AM UTC by wes jorden***

I would go east. I've been to all of the Six Flags in Texas and trust me, if you want good wooden coasters, go east. The Texas Giant is only ok in the front seat, IMO Judge Roy Scream was yawntastic, the Rattler at SFFT is crap, and Cyclone....oh wait, it's not there anymore. From what I hear Boss isn't that great either. You'll get two Batmen, two Mr. Freeze's, crap wood (giant and boss, which is a shame), and the rest are pretty boring except for Shockwave, Titan, and Screamin' Eagle.

Since you go to Holiday World and I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you've been on the Voyage, and the only coaster from any of the parks you are thinking about that can even be mentioned in the same sentence as that coaster is El Toro.

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Well, since no one has mentioned it,

Six Flags over Georgia isn't bad either. The employees may be a little unhelpful, but the rides and coasters are awesome. If you are lucky, and I mean very lucky, you might catch Deja Vu open.

SFGAd is good, but I liked SFA better. SFA seems to have much quieter days than Great Adventure.

So from Indiana, I would naturally say go east and hit the PA parks but you can't do that.

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I would say go to SFGAdv, SFA, and maybe Dorney. You like Dorney in there. Ha, ha. I haven't been to anyone of these parks, but if you look at SFOT and SFStL, you will see that they have two Mr. Freezes (as someone said), two mine trains that are somewhat similiar, two BTR's (one is bad and one isn't), and SFStL has the Boss which in my opinion is junk. Ninja at SFStL is rough, so what's left at SFStl that you can't go on at SFOT? That would Screamin' Eagle.

SFA has an Invertigo, Flying Dutchman, Hyper coaster different from Nitro, and a Premier coaster while SFGAdv has pretty good stuff too. I loved SFOT, and I love SFStL, but if you go SFOT, you don't need to go SFStL.

I say you can do Dorney and travel to SFA in 2-3 hours. You probably could go to SFGAdv with a short drive also.

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SFNE, SFOT, SFGAm, or SFOG. Thems be my faves. *** Edited 6/7/2007 3:05:57 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

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Wes I havent been on TTD but I really do not think KK is that bad. I have been on some rough coasters and kk is no where near that rough.

  • SFMM - only if you have to
  • SFDK - not the best, but it will do
  • SFoT - yes
  • SFFT - yes
  • SFStL - no
  • SFGAm - all right
  • SFKK - no
  • SFNE - all right
  • SFoG - yes
  • SFA - no
  • SFGAdv - only if you have to

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