Which Crazy Mouses give an good, intense ride?

if you take the dark knight coasters as just wild mice they are really crazy. From what i understand they are actually faster then most wild mice.
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Rob Ascough said: I'll also give a nod to Lakeside's Wild Chipmunk.

I'll second that. That ride is a LOT of fun! Gotta get down to Adventure City to check out its sibling.

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I remember that one being a lot of fun as well, even though we only had time to ride it once before going to Knott's.
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The AC mouse is absolutely incredible. That one and Idlewild's get alot of credit for making use of the trees.

AC was supposed to close every year for the past decade it seems, but they keep hanging in there....

Rob, were you referring to Spider at Lagoon? Totally passed on the twin at Waldameer this year for more laps on RF2 (already had the SD credit and was going to Seabreeze the next day)...Seabreeze totally ROCKS.

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^I knew you would LOVE Seabreeze! :)

Exterminator has its moments. I can't wait for Phantom Fright Nights!

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Bill, I meant Lagoon's standard Maurer Sohne mouse. That thing is insanely fast, and it has a great little tunnel!
I'm not sure if I should really be replying to this thread, since the only spinning mouse I've ever ridden is the Exterminator. (I don't get to travel much :( ) However, the time I rode it with my sister and cousin, it was INTENSE. As soon as we hit the switch that starts the car spinning, we spun like a top. Very disorienting and very, VERY fun.

We were still spinning when we got into the station, and a ride op had to come stop the car from rotating so that we could get off! :) I couldn't walk straight. Great memory!

I wasn't terribly impressed with Ricochet at Carowinds. Part of the problem may have been that when I rode it, they "made" me ride with a little kid and his parents, and the parents nicely made the kid sit with me. I felt bad for him because he was scared, so I toned down my normal reactions. (Why couldn't daddy have ridden with the kid and mommy with me, so junior wouldn't have been so scared?)

Maybe a bit OT, but I hate it when, if you're riding alone, you're made to pair up with somebody like it or not. Kinda spoiled Rocket Power for me at Carowinds, too.

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Rob Ascough said:Bill, I meant Lagoon's standard Maurer Sohne mouse. That thing is insanely fast, and it has a great little tunnel!

Ahhh, OK. Totally forgot about that ride...easy to do with all the excellence going on at Lagoon...but the tunnel was a big plus. :)

Just realized, the only (operating) spinning coaster in the US I have yet to ride - THBS at SFStL. Weird because spinning flats tend to make me queasy, but spinning coasters are just pure delight.

On the uber-geek nomenclature side - I don't consider Gerstlauers and M-S rides to be spinning mice per se, but spinning non-mice coasters....that's just me though, and picky almost to the point of "is S;TE a coaster?" type geekiness. ;)

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You're right about that. Lagoon ended up being a huge surprise, and is now one of my favorite parks in the country. Talk about a hidden gem!

I'm like you, I don't consider the Gerstlauers and Maurer Sohnes to be mice because those kinds of coasters are supposed to feature tight hairpin turns. They're a heck of a lot of fun, just not mice.

I just rode the Crazy Mouse at the Ohio State Fair today and that was crraaazzy. A lot smoother than previous years, too.


I have a question:

How many actually spin right off the top of the lift? I was so used to Kennywood's not spinning to half way through, that when I rode AK Primevil Whirl, it started spinning RIGHT away!! Just going down the BIG hill we were spinning like MAD!! I can handle spinning stuff, but by the time we got off it, it NEVER stopped spinning. I'm talking so many spins, you couldn't even count if you wanted to. I NEVER had such a wild ride on one like that.

The Ohio State Fair does have a great one...IX Indoor Amusement Park also has a pretty decent one as well.

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