Which Crazy Mouses give an good, intense ride?

Not all Reverchron/Zamperla Crazy Mouses are the same. The indoor Exterminator at Kennywood is intense with strong lateral Gs and great spinning. Unfortunately the DelGrossos ride is very tame and overtrimmed.

Does anyone have information on other Crazy Mouse coasters? Whish ones give a good ride and which ones are mild by comparison?

Arthur Bahl

The one at Martin's Fantasy Island barely spun at all...which wasn't half as bad as the apathetic hung-over girl loading and unloading people on and off the ride...

Beech Bend's spun pretty fast, if I remember correctly. The Ohio State Fair (Amusement of America) also has a decent Crazy Mouse, although I'm pretty sure it is starting to show its wear.


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Best rides I've ever gotten on those models, in order: Mt. Olympus' Opa!, Beech Bend's, SFGAm's Ragin' Cajun. Can't really decide where to put Exterminator, since I feel like the abundant spinning makes me miss out on what I'm sure is a really good dark ride - can we ask for an ERT session with lights ON in there just once? :)

All are capable of delivering tame rides, unfortunately. So I can't say for instance that AoA's, CG's, MFI's, or DAK's are lame rides, only that I haven't gotten great rides on them. When these spin hard, they can be quite intense. Typically the "good rides" can be more intense for me than even the Gerstlauer or Maurer-Sohne models (except that one ride on THBS at SFFT, which was totally nuts).

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Dark Knight.

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Actually me and my son road the one at Martin's Fantasy Island and we spun through the whole ride. It was like a tilta-whirl on steroids. If there is just 2 in the car you have to sit on one side that's how you can get it spinning.
Ragin Cajun at SFGAm was great when it first opened. No brakes going and the thing spun ridiculously fast. Today , it's still good but no insane spinning like before.

Galaxy Spin at Cypress Gardens is the same design and my daughter and I sat on the same side and got a few decent spins off of it.

For some reason when I visited Mt. Olympus, Opa was not spinning much at all.

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jwhoogs said:If there is just 2 in the car you have to sit on one side that's how you can get it spinning.

This *typically* works well on the Reverchons and similarly-designed spinners with 4-across seating. Matt and I tried it at DelGrosso's last month are got quite a tame ride...seems like there really is alot of variability from ride to ride, day to day, car to car...

The M-S and Gerstlauers seem to spin more if you unbalance the load by having both riders face the same direction of travel and leave the other end of the car empty... ;)

Beech Bend was the best spin I've ever had. I was by myself, the man let me ride alone and told me to sit on the left. From the first turn to the end, nothing but spin.

I've had good spins at Kennywood, but other times not so much. It sucks to wait in that long line and get a ride that's a dud.

On most rides of this type I think it all depends on how many per car, what the weight is, and the distribution.

Not sure if it would fall into the crazy mouse category, but WINJAS!

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I have never had a bad ride on Exterminator either alone or with another rider. I would like to ride an outdoor Crazy Mouse that is fast and spins well.

Maurer Sohne spinners provide a completely different kind of ride experience. Instead of Tilt-A-Whirl type spinning, the spinning is used to create an unpredictable ride with the greatly banked turns and steep drops. You never know if you will take a drop forward, backward, or sideways.

Arthur Bahl

I've had some pretty good rides on Primevil Whirl at DAK.
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Del Grosso's is tame now? Wow. It wasn't when I rode it but that was 4 years ago. :)

The one that sticks out the most is the one at Beech Bend. It's usually on crack mode!

I thought Kennywood's Exterminator was the best one of this type I've been on, because it is heavily themed. :)

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Waldameer's Steel Dragon is another intense crazy mouse, besides Kennywood's Exterminator.

They are each my favorite ride at each of those parks.

Beech Bend has a great mouse that I got a lot of spin on.

Steel Dragon at Waldameer had decent spin to it but offered a different experience as the car travels up and down a steeper grade of hill. *** Edited 7/28/2008 11:50:42 AM UTC by Nel***

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Anybody ever been on a Fabbri? Castle Park is getting one this year. I'm excited, but it looks to be a pretty small model.

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Of all of the mice I have been on, kennywoods and Idlewilds are the best.

The arrow mice do nothing for me.

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Beech Bend's ride is my personal favorite. I like Kennywood's but it's hard to compare an indoor ride to an outdoor ride since the visuals are so severely altered.

How about regular Wild Mouse coasters? I'm a huge fan of the Hersheypark ride, although Lagoon's coaster is my hands-down favorite. I'll also give a nod to Lakeside's Wild Chipmunk.

My favorite spinning coaster is easily Winjas. That ride is just plain awesome! Airtime, wacky track, lots of spinning, etc.

First I would like to state for the record that I don't consider the Maurer Sohne and Gerstlauer models the be a wild mouse coaster. To me a wild mouse is all about the hairpin turns with no banking, therefore banked turns = not a wild mouse. I'm not sure exactly how to categorize them (maybe a spinning Galaxi?) but I definitely don't consider them to be in the wild mouse category.

That being said, my best ride ever on a spinning wild mouse was on MFI's Crazy Mouse, surprisingly with four adults in the car. That thing spun like a Tilt-a-whirl on steroids. The worst ride was on the same model at the Myrtle Beach Grand Prix two weeks before they announced they were closing the park. The ride op actually had to kick the back of the car to get it to leave the station!

The most intense traditional wild mouse ride for me was on the Toboggan Nordique at La Ronde. The day I was there at least they ran the ride without any of the mid course brakes on. That thing was moving by the end of the ride.

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